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  1. S

    Feeling low

    Found put yesterday from my husband's named nurse he has not been taking tablets and refusing interventions / 121's. I am feeling so helpless, I have had enough, I am so down I just keep crying all time. I also lost my dad 2 months ago, I took my dad's dog on and him and my dog attacked each...
  2. L

    Maybe it's just time to own the depression.

    Hey Good folk of "Mental health Forum". I will more than likely break about every rule there is on here in my first post. I am no stranger to forums. Some of you might have seen me about. I keep the same name where ever I travel. I have a dog called "Cat", or "Kitty" when we are out and...
  3. D

    Trigger and Content Warning: Our family dog Jack is seriously ill

    Since our return from Mallorca our spaniel's vet discovered a hand-sized lump around Jack's bottom. After about a week we returned for a second checkover. After probing (I didn't watch) the vet suspected our dog has a cancerous tumour so he referred Jack to a specialist veterinary unit that...
  4. B

    Manipulative ex?

    Hi All My boyfriend broke up with me mid July. He said it was because of his mental health problems. We were about to move in together and he got cold feet. I took it off the table and said it was fine, we didn’t have to do it. He seemed to spiral to the point where he could hardly talk to me...
  5. M

    Depression has turned me into a sociopath.

    Hey so i'm not too sure if this is against the rules sorry if it is, but about 3months ago i completely changed, i used to just have depressive episodes once every few days/weeks and a few weeks of being hyper, but recently im perfectly fine in the day then towards the night i start to feel so...
  6. C

    How do I get over my severe phobia of dogs?

    I am a dog owner myself and I love dogs, but I am scared of dogs I don't know, especially large dogs. This all stems from being bitten by another dog in our family several times. (to the point where I needed stitches.) Because of this I ended up moving out of their home. Even though I am in a...
  7. Poopy Doll

    My little dog

    I would just like to say that my little dog is the best medicine in the world. I never had a dog I loved as much as this little Pekingese. He has the brightest personality. He steals my socks. He follows me around. He's fun to walk. And he's taught me to love MORE.
  8. L

    Can someone help please

    I have Aspergers and am under the mental health team already. I don't tell them everything because last time I did they tried to section me, so now I am careful of what I tell them, I am hearing voices, sometimes inside and now outside. Always critical. When a room is quiet they scream and tell...
  9. D

    Neighbors cause me anxiety

    Hi, I have a situation that I need some advice on. I am a very private person and love my house and yard. After moving in 4 years ago, the house next door was sold to a family. Ever since they have moved in, my anxiety issues have sky rocketed. They are not bad people, but they don't consider...
  10. R


    Hi, guys. I really need someone has I feel this gaping hole in my chest right now. I've had this dog for 9 years. His name was Cris, and he was the best dog ever, it's like he could feel my sadness. Cris was the softest, friendliest and most amazing dog ever. He ran away and we found him dead...
  11. T

    Living on a council estate and paranoia

    Last night at 12 clock I put my dog out in the garden and there's just a group of people shouting in their gardens it just makes me feel really paranoid I find living on a council estate really hard It didn't help that I was walking my dog one day and my dog went up to another dog and this...
  12. A

    Had enough

    Today I seriously thought about ending my life. I've had 3 failed suicide attempts. I know I will succeed soon cos I've just had all I can take with my life. My landlady is a bitch and couldn't care less and is driving me to this along with other stuff. My head is up and down too much and I...
  13. nickybow86

    This is never going to end ... Is it

    The nightmares are back ... the voices are back .. the nausea and overeating and irrational mood swings are all back ... I had a fabulous few weeks free from all of these ailments and thought I finally have control over this .. but I don't. I never did . It's the black dog that follows me...
  14. H

    Does this sound like something serious?

    In the corner of my eye I keep seeing my dog, or people I know and forget sometimes where I am? Like if I’m laying in bed I think my friend is in the room, or my dog for a while then really focus and see they’re not actually here. I sometimes look at the sky and it’s all cloudy but people tell...
  15. F

    advice on hospital rules and benefits available to me

    Hope this the right place for this post :scratch: Hi I am hoping to get some advice on any help available to me and my wife and hopefully find out what our rights are regarding hospital rules and benefits. Any information or tips where I can get information would appreciated. I am my wife’s...
  16. S

    Not sure what I am, I argue with my conscience a lot

    HI, I'm a middle aged male and I'm on antidepressants and have been told numerous times that I am suffering from depression. Appologies for the length, but I want to try and explain how my condition affects me. I also have a few other health issues, I suffer from CFS/ME which sometimes causes...
  17. R

    Depression and Suicidal thoughts Triggered

    Hi there, I struggle with anxiety and depression. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on what to do about a particular situation. My dog recently passed last September, and it's been 6 months since his passing. My family led me to believe that they wanted another dog, and then they...
  18. H

    My dog is old

    I know my dog is going to die soon. He's currently the avg age his breed dies. He has health problems. I don't know what I'm gonna do. I cry until I make myself sick over it already. He's always been my best friend. I have social anxiety and it is really hard for me to connect with people but he...
  19. I

    fed up off family,at the moment hate them

    My family are being really unsympathetic about a couple off issues taking my brothers side number one my brother may have caught chicken pox and I've never has rgen in my life in trying really hard not to catch them ,for various reasons staying out off his way and my parents and him are having a...
  20. E

    The DWP are making my dog ill

    Dogs pick up on their owners' distress, as a result of the distress I'm in caused by the DWP my dog has become poorly & I'm having to go backwards & forwards to the vets, worrying about him is making me worse.