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  1. B

    Gender dysphria

    Hi! Is anyone here transgender? Or at least some letter in LGBT? I'm transgender and bisexual.I was verbally abused at home for being who I am,but that doesn't happen anymore.I hate the word faggot,tranny,weirdo.My grandparents think that my mental illness (psychosis and borderline personality...

    Are you organised?

    I have been shredding some of my old documents. Financial records. I used to get into a lot of trouble with debt. The documents tell their own story - one of chaos and a person not coping. Its only since the time I have stopped working that I have swung things around into being in more control...

    Is it sign of poor mental health to collect old documents and hoard them?

    Is it sign of poor mental health to collect old documents and hoard them? I have boxes and folders full of documents; bank statements, DWP letters, other financial stuff. It goes back over 20 years. I am generally not a tidy person. I never know where to put my stuff. Under my bed there are...
  4. cpuusage

    Making Space for Spirituality

    Making space for spirituality.pdf - Google Drive More Documents here - Mental Health Recovery & Spirituality - Google Profiles
  5. Kerome

    The Gospel of Thomas

    Now I am not a Christian, but since we have identified a terrible lack of interesting Christian topics on the forums I thought I would do my bit to help out. I was reading about the Gnostics this morning, and I came across some references to the Nag Hammadi library. This was a cache of gnostic...
  6. cpuusage


    Two Major Psy-Ops Documents You Must Read | Evolve + Ascend
  7. J

    Serious Issues

    New to the forum and in serious need of getting my life back.. I'm only 20 :( So I have what I would say is serious OCD, and it's taking over my life... So my main issue is that whenever I touch or stand on anything I feel like I break it, for example when I walk on the carpet I feel like I'm...
  8. Faylen

    Legal Documents?

    As some may know - I had an early intervention meeting with the crisis team at a psychiatric hospital last week. The nurse who was sitting in asked me to sign these documents - I never got to properly read them and I did not get a copy (should of asked - foolish error). All she said was...
  9. C


    Dorset Dorset Mental Health Advocacy 29-29A Durngate Street Dorchester Dorset DT1 1JP 01305 261483 [email protected] We can: Offer support to accepted clients at meetings, court appearances, tribunals, ward rounds and Care Programme Approach (CPA) reviews Help make...
  10. cpuusage

    Hathors Archives

    Some interesting documents - Tom Kenyon » Hathors Archives
  11. P

    Anxiety is through the roof

    As the title states, my anxiety is really, really, bad right now. For the last week, the shit has hit the fan, and to make it worse, or rather the main cause, is that I got a letter from SSI last week stating that they need more information to continue my benefits. I have a meeting later this...
  12. piglet

    Damn that was hard!

    Well, it took me over 5 hours but I did it, I filled in my DLA renewal forms. I've opted for doing it myself this time using the guide from the benefitsandwork website. I compared my form with the one filled in last time with help from the CAB. The old one was all brief descriptions and one...
  13. J


    well its been 4 months or so now with no help from cmht since i changed my location,and it seemed that it would remain that way... unfortunatley i had a bad 2 weeks or so of high anxiety with large doses of energy confidence and so on, ive applied for work i know i cant normally do (im still...
  14. rollinat

    Letting go

    My laptop stopped working a week or so ago, and although I knew it was on its way out, I had failed to move some documents that were saved on my laptop onto the network. A lot of the documents were things I had written when I was very low. To save my OH the job of trying to recover what is...
  15. T

    I'd lost a reply I had written

    Hello Rabina Lovely to meet you. You said in a previous post 'I'd lost a reply I had written'. Just to say I have also lost work. Should I be writing something which needs me to take my time, I now go to google documents, type what is needed to be said, save, copy, log on to intervoice...