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  1. S

    Pyschosis and my partner/ Quetiapine

    Good morning, Last night I had the worst type of conversation with my fiance about how his medication/mental illness is making him feel constantly angry at everyone and everything, he says he is constantly unhappy with everything even saying last night he wasnted to finish our relationship as...
  2. M

    Fear I will never get better

    The mental health stigma is currently at its worst ever. My family doesn't understand a single thing about my situation. It doesn't matter how much I talk to them about it. My option is to sign myself into my local mental healthcare center. This could potentially give me a supportive...
  3. D

    Getting off of seroquel

    My doctors assistant met with me since my doctor was on an emergency call. This assistant heard not one thing I said and gave me samples of Latuda to start taking and he told me to stop my 200mgs of Seroquel. I told the provider I have been taking seroquel for 14 years but he said go ahead and...
  4. Poopy Doll

    Anxiety upon awakening

    Extremely anxious because the doctors office lied to me. They said my appointment was the first in the morning so I wouldn't have to wait with my bad legs. Now I find out I have to show up first to be first in line and the doctor is doing surgeries until forty five minutes to an hour after my...
  5. M

    Sex drive

    I'm on antidepressants from 2009, which affected my sexual desires badly, now I'm not sure whether I should consult a concerned doctor or not! Help me please
  6. fazza

    New Diagnosis of Schizoaffective Disorder

    I normally post in the schizophrenia forum as that is what I was diagnosed with. However I went to see my doctor today and she now thinks because of my depressive episodes and sometimes of elated mood she has changed my diagnosis to schizoaffective. I am to start lithium next week after some...
  7. E

    Father has delusional disorder + other issues

    Hello all, I will try to keep this short and as to the point as possible... basically my father is struggling from a number of different mental health issues (I am not a doctors or specialist, so I may be wrong with the 'disorders' here but from all the reading I have done, it all sounds quite...
  8. J

    Constant Symptoms are really freaking me out

    Little history first... Last week I started feeling some pelvic pain (27 M) and I was afraid I had some sort of bladder issue. When that started up, my anxiety got a little worse, something I've dealt with for years, but was generally able to control through deep breathing and relaxation. I...
  9. T

    Just had enough of life!

    I've been off work since 29th October signed off with depression and stress, been a rather rubbish year, since the beginning of October my Nan has been in and out of hospital as she has been dealing with Cancer the past 4 years, went to see her on the 26th and the doctor basically advised there...
  10. H

    From Topamax to Lithium now worse

    My partners daughter stopped taking the prescribed Topamax for her anxiety about 4 months ago and has now been prescribed Lithium by a different doctor. Since on Lithium she is now worse. She is incredibly defensive and demanding and has weeks where she can't leave her appartment. The Topamax...
  11. B

    Update on my depression

    Since I have increased my efixor from 225 till 300 there has been a vast improvement in my mood from depression.When I originally cut down from 225 till 150 I had a real bad relapse.Went back up till 225 for two months and it actually got worse.When the doctor put me up till 300 it took about...
  12. O

    Try to help my daughter

    my daughter is 12 years old, it was diagnosed with depression illness and has auditory hallucination since this September, my family was shocked with this. Now she was treated with Serpent hydrochloride and olanzapine from doctor, but its side effect is too stronger, now only after 2 months...
  13. Oldskool71

    Going red flushing ruining my life

    Hi I’ve just joined the forums . I have this problem I’ve had for a while where I just go red and extremely hot in social situations even at home on my own can happen anywhere but more so when dealing with social situations. I’ve been to the doctors blood pressure is always high when they take...
  14. fazza

    Manager just visited me

    Wow. Talk about a reality check. Been avoiding the phone all evening when suddenly my boss appeared at my door. He told me to forget what the doctors told me and do what I am best at which is doing my job. Forget lables. My job is there when I want it. Can't say fairer than that
  15. N

    A question about PIP and ESA

    So i have been on ESA for 13 years and have always passed my medicals with no problem, i was on Job Seekers Allowance but the actually courses i did threw me off and said i wouldn't beable to cope at work. Doctor has always agreed. I was on DLA for 6 to 8 years exact dates unknown then in...
  16. S

    New member

    Hello everyone, I have suffered from anxiety and depression for years, my last serious episode was in 2011 when my doctor prescribed 20 mg of citalopram. I have been stable since then but recently regressed and the anxiety and depression has returned. My doctor increased my dose to 40 mg three...
  17. A

    So I am in a complete rut - I recognise that I need help

    Basically, I have multiple things "wrong" with me, I am a fuck-up through and through and although I am currently coping - I am doing so through unhealthy means. I am essentially working too much to beat loneliness and thus causing myself to become quite unwell in the process of it. I have made...
  18. T

    It's hard

    So hard, all of this laying around, sleeping, eating, cannot be bothered getting up to go to the toilet, but i do. No healthy meal. No exercise and not much cleaning. I don't know what to do tonight with my medication. One doctor says one thing, my previous psychiatrist said not to do that. I...
  19. Anime-Alchemy

    Doctor telephone appointment

    Just came of the mobile phone from telephone appointment from my doctor. It was to renew my sick note for universal credit. I also just made conversation/updated about how I was going/feeling just because I felt it would be rude just to ask for renewal of sick note ( I don't know i feel that I...
  20. A

    Telling my GP about self harming

    I feel I need to talk about my current problem with self harm, its a fairly new thing for me and have convinced myself it will help push me to finally kill myself. I have returned to speaking with a doctor about my mental health but I am worried about what I tell my new GP (recently moved to a...