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  1. M

    At the end of my rope!

    So I'm now at the max of Effexor (375mg) that the doc will prescribe which was increased from 300mg on Thursday. If this doesn't work I don't know what I will do with myself? :unsure: My doc said we will try another antidepressant I guess. I don't think I can wait for it to take effect though...
  2. LuckyLights

    New "Powers," New Problem! :) Any Advice?

    Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my thread. I'll try and make this painless. I've been suffering from severe anxiety for years. But about three weeks ago things went from regular cool to crazy cool. And I really have nobody else to talk to save my doc and was hoping to gather more info before...
  3. S

    What should CMHT doing?

    I suffer PTSD PND and I'm disleexa I've had 3 CPN. First one incredible rude and abusive a wouldn't listen when I asked help as was having a bad flashback miscarriage whilst pregnant. Also wouldn't tale on board the sicologist report stating that I was disleexa and have problems processing info...
  4. H

    HHRT1 Similar experiences?

    Hi, I'm new here and this is my first thread. I'd like to hear other peoples' experiences and how they deal with them. Oh, a little back ground. About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Paranoid Delusional Disorder and was on meds and CBT for about 3 years. About 9 months ago diagnosis...
  5. A

    Planning suicide and nothing I've tried is helping

    Speaking to support staff not working (just hung up on them). Spoke to mental health matters. Asked 111 for advice. They got the duty doc to call me who told me to think of my family and phone Samaritans. What next? Am actively suicidal and it can't wait till tomorrow.
  6. A

    I feel so frustrated right now

    I feel incredibly frustrated right now. I think I am going to ask my psych doc about clozapine. Maybe that will help.
  7. R

    Hi new here.

    hi i thought id join,not sure its a good thing yet. im 54 and my diagnosis is narcissistic borderline personality disorder.The doc basically said uve had this since young its part of u,organic it says on the report....i struggle to accept parts of it, the doc is good and explains things and i...
  8. E

    Downward spiral of SH

    I’ve been self harming a lot recently and it is getting out of control. I have even done it quite badly today. I have called my doc and am hoping he will call me this evening. I just feel like I’m getting worse and I can’t stop it. The things like distraction are just not working for me I feel...
  9. nickybow86

    Tapering off Prozac

    I'm trying to have my 3rd and final baby and am on 40mh of Prozac.. I have dropped to 20mg last week. Any tips ?? My doc told me I can just stop taking them because they are self tapering ??
  10. J

    Advice sought

    Wondering if anyone can advise me please. My mum is 84 she has health problems which consist of COPD & overactive thyroid, all managed well with inhalers and medication. My mum is mentally very fit, does crosswords and puzzles and knits beautiful garments following intense knitting patterns. 4...
  11. nickybow86

    First panic attack

    I had my first really panic attack today and it frightened me so much. I was driving to the gym to do a work out when the left side of my body felt heavy and weak ... I thought I was having a stroke !!I drove straight to the doctor as I got such a fright. I felt nausea and light headed and...
  12. Bedsocks

    Anyone on Lamotrigine?

    How do you find it as a mood stabilizer? I have been on it around one year and it is not going good. I am on a low amount out of choice and considering upping the amount. It'd take months to see the psychiatrist so I am relying on my regular doc.
  13. U

    What have I done?

    I have suffered from mostly anxiety since I was 15. I was put on an anxiety med as well as an anti-depressant because supposedly psychiatrists are "supposed" to prescribe both. Now that I'm in my late 30s, I've had off and on bouts with depression. It makes me look back and realize that I...
  14. M

    Feeling lost

    I've now change teams and phyco doc. This new doc is going against everything the old one said and says I've never been depressed. The team I'm with now are useless. I feel low and am self harming everyday I feel so alone with lots of people around me
  15. M

    WTF doc lost faith

    I've been transferred to a new psychiatric doc and seen him twice in the last 3 months my mood goes up and down rapid but not had a high in some time now on lithium. Been to see him and said I have had some down moment he said I'm not depressed and never have been. Wtf when I've tried to kill...
  16. B

    Anybody on clozapine?

    Doc wants me on the new tapblet due to poor response to Halton,amisulpride and q. Just wondering what it's like also they want me in hospital to start in. What monitoring did you have?
  17. V


    saw my support worker today, I been in a state feel like im drifting like im in a dream state and it frustrates me that people around me cant hear these voices. I said to support worker im not ill coz it I was then the medication would work. gotta see doc at some point but worried, why should...
  18. A

    My doc switched my anti anxietymeds from xanax to atavan ??? Any difference

    My doc switched my anti anxietymeds from xanax to atavan ??? Any difference Arent they the same lol
  19. rasselas.redux

    are you doc ready?

    Here's a helpful way to get your thoughts clear for a psychiatric appointment Doc Ready Best wishes
  20. Grape

    lamotrigine itch

    Is it ok that I'm so itchy? Been on it a week a I'm itching everywhere. No rash though. Seeing the doc soon but don't want to bother him if it's normal.