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  1. M


    hi, I heard recently that if you receive DLA you can get free line rental for telephones. Does anyone know about this and if so how would I go about claiming? regards marchhare
  2. W

    DLA (schizophrenics) question

    I was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic. Even when I was sectioned for four months I was only awarded the lower rate care component of DLA. This seems inconsistent to me as the implication of me being sectioned under the Mental Health Act (and not allowed out of the hospital at all when I...
  3. dib4uk

    DLA/Freedom pass info and help required.

    Hey guys and girls, Question for you all and I will keep it short. Q How long does it take to apply for and hear back from the DLA and the local council regarding freedom bus pass? :confused:
  4. Star-x-Smile

    DLA - impossible? or is there hope?

    Hi there, im just looking for some of your thoughts regarding DLA. I have been in receipt of Dla for many years now, and am currently on the middle rate. About 8 weeks ago, i applied to have my claim looked at again as things have changed over this last while and i get alot more help at night...
  5. R

    DLA Result

    Really bouncy right now as my DLA application has been accepted and I don't have to worry about money as much now. :clap:
  6. G


    Hiya people I'm currently receiving DLA and ESA, I get DLA on low rate mobility and medium rate care, this has been this way for just over a year as I have psychosis. Now (in past 8 weeks) I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, which for me is so disabiling I cannot go outside, alone or...
  7. M


    Hi, Does being on Incapacity Benefit and DLA entitle one to free scripts? marchhare
  8. Colin76

    DLA...Finally got round to sending form off.

    Well i finally got around to filling in and sending my dla form off though i did need help from my key worker to fill it in (i hate forms of any sort), so all i have to do is wait to here anything. Does anyone know how long it may take before i hear anything.
  9. M


    hello I recently received a letter from Job Centre Plus telling me that my DLA will now be paid weekly instead of 2 weekly. This is causing me untold upset as I pay all my utility bills on a 2 weekly scheme. I rang the number that was given if I found this a problem and spoke to a very...
  10. P

    not sure what im doing

    hi it has taken me a long time to get to confidence to get on this web site i wont bore you with the details of my life as i have got bi polar and those of you know that it can be hard to live with. aim getting DLA income support is their any other help i can get out there? this is all new to me...
  11. ~minnie~

    do you get DLA....please read

    If you get DLA, you can claim a free cinema ticket for your friend each time you go the cinema....so it would only be half price for you and your friend...click on the link below for more information..... http://www.ceacard.co.uk/ :thumbsup: :grouphug:
  12. honeyquince

    DLA Research??????

    Hi there, I recently put in an application for DLA and today received in the post an interesting letter. The letter is from a company called insite and they say that they have been asked by the DWP to "conduct some research into whether DLA helps disabled people and those with serious health...
  13. S


    i feel i should be on a higher rate my mum says if i fight it someone will get less if i get more is this true? thanks for anyhelp

    Dla Tribunal Hearing Tomorrow

    Hi Guys, I have my hearing tomorrow and I must admit Im not looking forward to it! I feel like Im on trial for something and I wish it was tuesday! Anyone had a tribunal for DLA and how did you cope? I have no idea what to expect as never had to do this before so wish me luck and throw in...
  15. E

    Benefits & DLA Help

    Hi to all Here is a site brilliant site that helps with Benefits & DLA At a time when most politicians seem proud to treat sick and disabled claimants with harshness and suspicion, independent and accurate information about how to claim and keep your benefits is vitally important. Benefits...
  16. L


    Does anyone here get DLA and how easy was it to get this????