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  1. E

    Struggling to cope with life

    Life surrounds me but there is nowhere to escape, I don't even know why I am in this way as I have a lot of great opportunities ahead, if I could just be organised and ordered and felt a zest for life... if only. Lately all I find myself doing is escaping into virtual internet worlds for more...
  2. apple

    eligible for DLA but not for PIP

    At the moment I am on ESA and qualify for the lowest rate of care and mobility DLA. The thing is that I just manage on that amount and I hardly go out. Now I am really concerned because going by the criteria for PIP I will not be eligible for it, even though I am for DLA. Is anyone else in...
  3. T

    Should my DLA be reinstated?

    Hello folks.. I was on long term sickness benefit (ESA now) with DLA entitlement due to mental health and physical health issues.. I was sent to an Atos medical and they after a 5 minute assessment they failed me giving me only 6 points. I appealed and after waiting a year and a half of living...
  4. mami5

    PIP interview

    I have a PIP interview on Thursday, at my house. Can anyone please tell me what I can expect? Not looking forward to it at all. Have never applied for it before or DLA either.
  5. E

    So confused and stressed about DLA re-assessment... help?

    I recieved a form to fill in to re-apply for Disability Living Allowance as mine runs out on the 5th of march but I messed up the form because I dont understand it. They've sent me a second one after I phoned but i'm so scared im going to mess it up again and I really have to get it back to them...
  6. J

    Support Group

    http://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread80723.html#post825559 They say the group is for those severerly distressed like schizophrenic, paedophiles, bipolars and peronality dosorders. One day in hospital I was asked if I was on benefits and I said no (homeless) then shortly after found they...
  7. deewock


    Hi everyone, I am receiving dla middle and low rate, do I continue to get this money or do I have to claim pip. I sent my form to dwp as regards my possible atos medical, I received a letter from dwp saying that I did not need to go for assessment and I passed as unfit for work. I don't know...
  8. charlie says

    DLA renewal

    My low rate care component runs out in a few months after receiving this benefit for 2 years. I was sent new DLA forms and was surprised i wasn't sent PIP forms? I had a text from DWP last week that they received my application and today i got an answer on my new claim. I've been awarded same...
  9. A

    Severe disability premium

    Hi I am currently in reciept of main phase esa and recieve middle care dla and lower mobility allowance I am in the support group on esa and my question is that I recieved a letter asking me to fill in a form for sdp which I did do and sent off 4 weeks ago and still haven't heard anything. Is...
  10. N

    DLA Appeal

    I have my tribunal at 2.30 pm, I'm so scared :(
  11. flowergirl

    anyone recieving PIP?

    i was getting dla but it was due to run out september this year. they sent dla renewal forms but by the time all the info and forms were done it and they got it back they decided it would have to be done again with PIP forms. These have gone in and they aknowledged they have them but since then...
  12. Lillyone

    DLA Failed.

    Failed my DLA tribunal.:low: They asked me very little, and only based my illness on how it effected me when I first made my claim back in March. Leaves a bad feeling.
  13. Y

    ESA50 for complete. Atos don't want to see me?

    Hi, I've been on ESA now for a few years and was wondering about this? The advisor said from atos that they don't want to see me and that my paperwork is been sent back to the dwp. So what should happen will I stay in the WRAG group still or moved to SUPPORT group? Is this a normal procedure to...
  14. F

    From DLA to PIP

    Are people on DLA reassessed for PIP? Some weeks ago I was awarded DLA for the next two years.
  15. A

    has anyone got dla for depression? i have applied still waiting on decision after 10wks they said waiting on cpn letter. i suffer with depression and

    has anyone got dla for depression? i have applied still waiting on decision after 10wks they said waiting on cpn letter. i suffer with depression and have a phobia of food. will i get dla? my anxiety is so bad waiting on a response from dla hi iam annie iam 26 years old got depression 2yrs ago...
  16. T

    Help with esa & dla

    Hi Im just wondering if anyone can help me with my benifits confusion. I have bi-polar disorder and was awarded esa support group in feb. i applied for dla on 07/02/13 and heard nothing for months. On the 03/07/13 i had a payment in my account off dla. I rang the dla office who told me a...
  17. T


    I have just been awarded medium rate care, having previously been on low rate. It has been backdated to 21/3. Being mentally, and physically, unwell has meant I have finally been listened to! Huge step, and a huge relief. I am on ESA contributory SG. My questions to you lovely lot are.... 1...
  18. J

    awarded dla want to appeal

    hi i ve been awarded dla low rate mobility and low rate care can i appeal this decision as i dont believe all the information i gave them has reflected there decision i think i should of got middle rate what are my chances of getting the middle or higer rate on an appeal ant thoughts please
  19. H

    ESA and Study,

    Hello everyone. I have a question that i can't seem to get a straight answer from my support worker CAB or Glasgow. Hope you can help me., I am receiving ESA and have been put in a work related activity group, I also get the lowest amount of DLA. I want to do a Masters MSc course part time. Am...
  20. R


    My Dr has just advised me to apply for DLA. After recent circumstances I had a nervous breakdown and I am now on antidepressants, anxiety tables and sleeping tablets. I have also had an appointment at the Mental Health Ctr to which I have another appt. Im on my own with 3 young children and...