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  1. Artmuzz

    Reapplied for PIP

    I recently reapplied for PIP after getting refused the benefit last year after an unsuccessful face to face assessment and tribunal. A few weeks later after sending back the form to DWP I just got a text telling me to appear yet again at a face to face assessment :low: I don’t understand this...
  2. daffy

    Is anybody else still on dla

    Im still on dla and have been for 15 years approx. Ive never been called in for a reassessment. Everyone i know is now on pip. I wondered if it was because im 66 and a pensioner. Yet my sister is 3 years older and she wss reassessed last year. I dont know 2hether to phone them or just leave it...
  3. Artmuzz

    Question about backdated money

    My tribunal is next week and I am so worried. Anyway I was wondering if I do win the appeal will the money be backdated to the date of the claim or when my DLA ended? On the date of my (unsuccessful) claim for PIP which was November last year (2017) I was still on DLA. However, my DLA came to...
  4. fazza

    Anyone with schizophrenia moving from dla to pip

    Got the dreaded brown envolope tellying me that my dla is ending and i need to claim pip. i have a regular cpn visit plus i am on a depot injection every two weeks. My question is does anyone here have schizophrenia and claiming pip Thanks
  5. S

    DLA to PIP

    I received a letter this morning to say that I need to claim PIP (I am still on DLA). I am dreading it all. I have heard some horror stories.
  6. Artmuzz

    DLA ending too soon

    I got a letter in February 2017 telling me about PIP. On the letter it states in black and white that I am entitled to DLA until the end of March 2018 which is correct because I got award DLA in March 2013 and it was for 5 years. However, I recently received a letter from DWP telling me that...
  7. N

    Question - DLA, AND PIP

    HI Follks, I have a question; couldn't there be an easy transition, from dla, within into pip, without having to go through the hassle, and unecessary performance, and stress, to separarly apply. If one could make an internal switch - to use an expression, just like that, it would make...
  8. M

    Severe Disability Premium backdated

    Hi all I currently get PIP and ESA. My father passed away in July this year,so I took over the tenancy and did a quick benefits check online, that is when I came across SDP. I have never heard of SDP before.So I rang the DWP in July this year and applied for it.I got it backdated to May this...
  9. Random5

    How will volunteering without expenses affect my benefits - ESA and DLA?

    How will volunteering without expenses affect my benefits - ESA and DLA? Can anyone advise me, from experience, the impact of voluntary work on benefits? I volunteer 4 - 8 hours a week without claiming expenses. Apologies if this thread already exists. Thanks in advance.
  10. E

    Completely unfair PIP decision

    Hello. I really need some advice/support. I have been on DLA for around 12 years (low mobility med care) and never once had any problem with a claim, it was open and closed, they would assess me and agree that I needed it. I was diagnosed around 10 years ago with psychosis and severe depression...
  11. S


    I've finally given in and accepted I have clinical deppression and given up work as I am to ill. Can somebody help me and let me know what benefits I am entitled to as this is a worry for me. For example if Iqualify for ESA am I encouraged to put in for DLA or PIP as well or am I not entitled ...
  12. R

    dla to pip transfer

    got the letter sat my dla is stopping on 7 dec and i've got to make a dla claim, you have to phone saying you want to did they took the gps details and the support worker who i was asssessed for last thur, they seemed to expect a specialist as well When i told the women the diagbosis...
  13. R

    supermarket and schitzoprenia

    you know how at supermarket the expensive items they're hoping to sell are on shelves at eye level where they'll catch the eye whilst the cheap versions are in a corner or at the bottom, if like me you get flustered by a crowded supermarket and say some child is going off like a piercing siren...
  14. J

    DLA for life

    Hi I have been sectioned many times in the past, including multiple section 3's. I've made a good recovery and have not been sectioned for about 6 years now. I was discussing dla or pip as it is now and was informed yesterday that if you had ever been on a section 3, even if it was just for one...
  15. M

    Confused about the new PIP BENEFITS

    I am on DLA for my mental health illness BPD I am having issues with understanding this new PIP BENEFITS And if I am intitaled to PIP just as I am with DLA all this is so confusing to me. And I am scared to put in a clam for pip. I was awarded DLA for live now I am unsure about this pip thingy...
  16. ally41

    Moving from DLA to PIP, anyone successful?

    I am awaiting the decision to find out out if I'm going to get any PIP. I have been on low rate care and mobility DLA for 7 years. After quite a fight and a ton of provocative game playing by ATOS, with my therapists help I was able to obtain a paper only assessment. I've been waiting for only...
  17. A


    Hi, I'm getting increasingly worried and stressed as the weeks go by about losing my benefits and being forced into work. Could somebody give me some more info... I'm on ESA and DLA and in the support group. Does being in the support group have a time limit? When I did a google search it...
  18. Grape

    warm home discount if on dla

    Just making you aware you can claim this from your electric bill. Its worth 140 pound each winter. Just got my credit. Im on esa support group and dla and was entitled.
  19. N

    MS or Dissociative Disorder

    I'm so glad if come across this site, I to have been struggling for the past year and half with many symptons that relate to m s, was told by my Neuro that he's 100 per cent sure it's m s, then he done tests and because the tests came back with no positive results he sent me to another Neuro who...
  20. P

    When will PIP assesments start for Indefinite DLA start??

    Hi, A worrysum subject for some of us this, but I could do with some advice if possible. Basically live in the Northwest of the UK, and was awarded Indefinite DLA some years ago, I tried to do some research into when I will be assessed for PIP and it stated on a Goverment Internet site that...