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  1. J

    Hearing voices inside my head.

    Baffled. Is probably the most accurate word right now. :unsure: Its just not fun, hearing other voices in my head im finding very distressing right now, any coping techniques or anyone with similar experiences?
  2. F

    Carers in mind-Introduction: It's real for them

    Posted by Stuart Sorensen 11 June 2018 Caring for people with psychosis can be both stressful and mystifying. People who hear voices and respond to visions that the carer can neither hear nor see present particular problems and frustrations. It’s distressing for the individual voice-hearer...
  3. D

    Fantasy about SH'ing for the first time

    Can anyone relate to this? I've never physically SH'd before but recently I have been experiencing graphic fantasies about injuring myself. These are really distressing. Im not sure why I'm having these thoughts, some of it feels as though it may be me wanting to punish myself for something...
  4. K

    Free book about my account of hearing voices

    Hello everyone, I am new here and know all too well how distressing hearing voices can be. I have written a book that I hope can help some that hear voices. Each persons account is personal and unique, but I hope it can do some good. You can download my book for free at my dropbox by...
  5. A

    Having an issue with time

    Feel like I'm having a really bad thing with time, my days feel like a whole week. I do things in my normal pace I normally would its not as if I have sped up or anything. Finding it extremely difficult trying to get through my day to the point I end up sleeping early because I genuinely cannot...
  6. C

    20 Signs of Unresolved Trauma

    20 Signs of Unresolved Trauma | Discussing Dissociation (more in link) 1. Addictive behaviors – excessively turning to drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, gambling as a way to push difficult emotions and upsetting trauma content further away. 2. An inability to tolerate conflicts with others –...
  7. Weeping Willow

    HELP Hair Loss

    Hello, I really need your help. I have been googling this for months, years perhaps. I have tellogen effluvium, hair loss from my medication. I am starting to have bald patches in the corners, and am receeding i think too. I am taking Lamictal, but have also experienced hair loss on Valproate...
  8. G


    Hi guys just experiencing this a lot lately , I cud b driving the car and suddenly an image will come into my head of me crashing and dying and I'll hear laughter , or I cud b sitting on the couch and I'll c an image of my daughter on fire screaming and again accompanied by laughter it's so...
  9. J

    Understanding needed....

    Hello new to this forum, but need some advice. My boyfriend, who was diagnosed with mild schizophrenia 8 years ago, but has shown no syptoms since, recently had a crises and has now been in a physicatric hosptial for nearly 2 weeks in an isolated room. We are in the middle of buying our first...
  10. Wiseowl

    Sanctions Article

    Most people who have been listening to claimants and people who are employed by the Job Centre knew this anyway, but at last evidence is getting formally presented to the Commons work and pensions select committee. Jobcentre ‘hit squads’ set up benefit claimants to fail, says former official...
  11. subvertedeye

    Should I tell my CPN?

    Last night I heard lots of voices and glass smashing. I thought someone was breaking into the house so I went down and obviously nothing was there, everything was normal. Usually I don't mind hallucinations, but this was quite distressing. I just don't know whether to tell my CPN, who's...
  12. K


    Hi ya. I am the KnitNut and new to this type of forum. I have the misfortune to be a member of a family with a lot of depression issues, spanning four generations (that we know of). I just learned today that one of my adult children is in crisis which is distressing me terribly. How much of...
  13. RedRoseBeauty

    Medicated dreams.

    I keep having really mad dreams since I've been on my meds. I told the doctor who said I have to deal with it. I mean I have proper messed up dreams EVERY night I have about 3 a night. Some can be very upsetting and distressing + others can just be confusing. Does anyone else have this?
  14. W

    now i am just crazy

    life was much better before i knew i was mentally ill. it was actually quite exciting working for mi5. the house being bugged is distressing n- i thought i was famous now i am just crazy - does anyone else feel like this :stomp:
  15. A

    paroxetine and vivid dreams

    Has anyone else ever been on paroxetine or any other similar antidepressant and suffered from really vivid and often distressing dreams? I'm only on a low dose at the moment and was also taking alprazolam until recently and ever since i stopped taking it i've been having dreams that are...
  16. seanmac


    Came of my sleeping meds yesterday and now i cant sleep, just getting these wild thoughts about self harming, i dont think i am going to do it but its distressing to have:cry:
  17. K

    How to make partner understand?

    My husband cannot accept I'm bi-polar. He says it's normal ups and downs, that everyone has off days bad times and hates their job etc. I have been same since I was a teenager and only just recently got diagnosed (at 35), which was a relief and distressing at same time. He won't come to doc with...