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  1. T

    Awful Experience with CPN. Can't Cope

    Hi, I'm new and hope this is the right section to post. I've had numerous cpns over the past few years. Most came for a couple of visits and then would say they were discharging me as they were retiring. None ever did a care plan. My GP kept referring me back to them each time discharged. The...
  2. Lost_Darkness

    self harming when not distressed

    Does anyone else feel the urge to self harm when they are otherwise feeling fairly ok? I haven't had a bad day - not great, but I'm not distressed or numb which is when I usually self harm. I just keeping thinking about it and know I will end up doing it, but the reasons are now different...
  3. A

    Phone call with my parents over Father's friend who sexually assaulted me as a child

    Phone call with my parents over Father's friend who sexually assaulted me as a child Last night when speaking to my parents on the phone it all blew up. I cant remember how but we got onto the subject of my Father's friend who lived up the road with his wife whom when i was in the last year of...
  4. R

    Dealing with paranoia

    I go through very regular cycles of paranoia where I think people want to harm me in someway or are generally being nasty to me. When it happens I'm never sure if it's real or not which makes me very distressed, I was wondering how others cope with these thoughts?
  5. P


    So im having these really huge problem with my intrusive thoughts. they get me so distressed and when I try to be positive on what I was before these thoughts came and how I wanna get back to it my mind tells me that what If you're just forcing it now what if you're not like that anymore and...
  6. pepecat

    What 'abnormal' really means.

    Abnormal Psychology studies abnormal behaviors; it examines the origins, manifestations, and treatments of disordered habits, thoughts, or drives. These may be caused by environmental, cognitive, genetic or neurological factors. While it is relatively easy to spot people who are distressed or...
  7. valleygirl

    Strange Urge

    I am feeling the urge to self harm again. I've lost count of how many times I've harmed in the last 3 weeks. But this time it is strange because I am calm. I am not in this moment feeling angry, anxious, or deeply depressed. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I am happy, but I don't feel...
  8. P

    Need help so badly :-(

    I have a gap in my lower teeth that I am obsessed about. Whenever I am stressed I become even more fixated on it. I can't stand it. Looking at it in the mirror or even just thinking about it makes me want to die. I am not a vain person but for some reason this gap seriously distresses me and it...
  9. C


    Carlisle/Eden Carlisle Eden Mind 01768 899 002 A local charity supporting people who feel distressed or isolated. We want to help you to become more positive about yourself, hopeful about the future, in control and able to deal with life’s setbacks. Services: Mental health training courses...
  10. P


    I have been feeling more and more distressed recently, for no apparent reason. It is so bad tonight and I can't cope. I keep threatening suicide so I don't think anyone takes me seriously anymore, but the suicidal thoughts are so strong right now. I don't know what to do. I don't know whether I...
  11. megirl

    change of support worker

    My old support worker who has know me for over 3 years was there when i had to give up nursing and all the meetings re my health etc. he knows me so very well, Anyway he was away on sick leave for several weeks, I get on with the new support worker but I like my other one more but in a...
  12. C

    Question existing

    Cherbear's password is a doddle to crack ! I underdstand that each has their own problems on this site but that only one person asked her to carry on when she asked to leave when she was distressed is baffling when she stepped in previously to help others !
  13. S

    Horrible a and e visit

    I went to a and e last night as I had self harmed enough to need steri strips. When I self harm it is as a further form of punishment. I went into hospital in a very distressed state and was placed in a cubicle where I started pacing. Due to my distressed state I didn't realise that I had marked...
  14. D


    Well over 12 months since I self harmed and done it again!!!! Head is all over the place, meds do not seem to be working nor is a drink, help!!! I am so **** off!!
  15. coldwater00

    A bit of a rant

    Hello everyone. You can move this post if you like - I just don't really know where to put it. I am literally just ranting here, I don't feel angry right now, but sometimes it's like "the sea appears calm but the storm is raging underneath" sort of thing. I have moments where I feel so...
  16. K

    I still feel guilty about why I SI....

    I was SI regularly for a year and a half in an unusual way. To keep within the rules in this section, let's just say I cannot be left alone with certain implements when distressed. Anyway the reason I did it still haunts me even after 10 years it happened. Basically in high school, I was pretty...
  17. snips31

    very distressed

    I was at a friends house to watch girly movies. But i got very distressed and started panicking. My dad had to collect me. My friend couldn't handle me crying and being so distressed. My internet is down so i am using my phone. So i will probably get a big bill. i am extremely disstressed...
  18. B

    Samaritans Fail

    Hi guys You may have read my other posts, I decided to speak to Samaritans today to see it they can help, they didn't understand my problem at all, if anything they made me more distressed and the whole thing worse, this has completely put me off seeking help again, literally don't know what...
  19. M

    My diadnosis has ben chnged from Bipolar disorder to BPD I am really distressed)

    My diadnosis has ben chnged from Bipolar disorder to BPD I am really distressed) Hi to everyone, After 11 years with Bipolar disorder I changed to another team and they told me it was not a mood disorder but a Personality disorder. I am absolutely distrought and want to end my life because...
  20. Fluffymum

    Split personality

    A while ago my husband says I was talking differently and seemed like a completely different person. Last week when we went up to bed I became really panicky and wa seeing things out of corner of my eye, I knew it wasn't real, they were like Lines appearing and weird shapes, I was very...