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  1. Bizzarebitrary

    DBT is helpful for depression and anxiety (even non-BiPolar or BPD)

    Hi all. I don't see DBT getting much love outside the BiPolar and BPD forum so I'm starting a conversation here. DBT is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. "Dialectical" is sort of a Scrabble word and I want to demystify it. In this context it means that two things which are seemingly opposite can...
  2. C


    NHS failing patients with mental health problems 20 March 2018 Vulnerable patients with mental health conditions are being badly let down by the NHS, causing them and their families needless suffering and distress, according to a Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman report published today...
  3. R

    How's your regular attack?

    Sorry to phrase it this way in op question, I just want some comments on how you deal with a mental distress or attack. I'm kind of having one right now, feeling euphoria but helpless at the same time. I'm aware of what's going on by doing some research and the medication also helps. But I do...
  4. O

    reported my neighbour for child neglect and drugs

    I'm feeling really sick right now. Thursday I reported my neighbour for the neglect of her 1 yr old. He screams 18 out of 24. There's no input with him he doesn't speak and he's stuck at home while the house in darkness as she never opens the blinds. She smokes cannabis from getting up to going...
  5. E

    The DWP are making my dog ill

    Dogs pick up on their owners' distress, as a result of the distress I'm in caused by the DWP my dog has become poorly & I'm having to go backwards & forwards to the vets, worrying about him is making me worse.
  6. cpuusage

    Katie Mottram on Spirituality and Mental Distress

    i like Katie Mottram. An interview with her here on the subject of spirituality & mental distress - Katie Mottram on Spirituality and Mental Distress | Psychology Today
  7. cpuusage

    Shamanic Spiritual Emergencies: The Dialectic of Distress and Spirituality, with Dr. Ingo Lambrecht

    Shamanic Spiritual Emergencies: The Dialectic of Distress and Spirituality, with Dr. Ingo Lambrecht Thought that this was worthy of it's own thread - it's an intelligent discussion on the subject - Shamanic Spiritual Emergencies: the dialectic of distress and spirituality, with Dr. Ingo...
  8. Kerome

    Psychedelic drugs shown able to lift mental distress

    Power of psychedelic drugs to lift mental distress shown in trials | Society | The Guardian Sounds like a serious moment of change, and the possibility of using ecstasy or LSD in conjunction with therapy may be only a few years away. Apparently the results in a study were pretty revolutionary...
  9. Lost_Darkness

    Thoughts/ voices

    Does anyone else with BPD have thoughts that seem like it's own voice/ person? I don't hear them outside of my head; I know they are thoughts, but I could have a conversation with them. They only come when in distress and they sometimes really annoy me. Anyone else have this? I don't know...
  10. shaky

    From mental illness to a social model aof madness and distress

    I'm not sure if this has been psoted before - but it poppped up again in the NSUN bulletin http://www.shapingourlives.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/FROM-MENTAL-ILLNESS-PDF-2.pdf excerpt - Recommendations The findings from this project should be shared as widely and effectively as possible...
  11. dreambuggieIII

    STALKERS : Pls take note.

    Hello Forum : We are not fools. Infact we have much to offer, managing our worlds. I hope this get's to a few people. When we are vunerable, weak and "unwell" - we could be targeted by people who feed on people less able than themselves. It can ruin your life, if not cause you more distress...
  12. cpuusage


    What is termed “madness” or “mental illness” is for some the only means for expression of their being lost and confused in a world which has caused them deep hurt and pain. Such is not disease but behavior with metaphorical meaning. There has been received through life mixed messages and...
  13. T

    I Don't Want To Know Anyone

    Pretty much what the title says. I have my partner and that's it. I stay isolated and a recluse and I'm happy that way. People cause me stress and distress and I want to be anonymous and a recluse. People are untrustworthy and will only eventually stab you in the back. Why is there no place is...
  14. Fourth

    Hello world

    Hello! I'd like to say thanks in advance, for creating such a website with the goal of furthering mental health and well-being of others. Never in my life have I thought of participating in a forum of this topic, despite all my difficulties in life. After exhausting nearly all my options, I...
  15. cpuusage

    Gail Hornstein on First-Person Narratives of Madness

    https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/rethinking-mental-health/201604/gail-hornstein-first-person-narratives-madness Interview with Gail Hornstein EM: You are the author of Agnes’s Jacket: A Psychologist’s Search for the Meanings of Madness. Can you tell us a little bit about that book? GH: My...
  16. E

    Scriptures that I've Found Helpful

    I read the Bible for every sort of thing. These are some scriptures that I found that helped me cope better. (Unless otherwise stated, all quotes are from the New World Translation 2013 Revision) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2...
  17. D

    please help

    Hi everyone, I have schizoaffective disorder. I have endured many delusions in the last ten years. The main one being that I was extremely disfigured and the ugliest person in the world. About ten minutes ago, i had a major panic attack over some pervasive thoughts I've had for a while. I am...
  18. cpuusage

    DAVID SMAIL (1938-2014): Pioneer of the Social-materialist analysis of psychological distress

    DAVID SMAIL (1938-2014): Pioneer of the Social-materialist analysis of psychological distress https://karnacology.com/hall-of-fame/david-smail/ DAVID SMAIL (1938-2014) was a leading clinical psychologist and influential writer on psychological treatments and social issues. David studied...
  19. A

    New to forum, need support

    For some time now my family have thought I should seek help for the state of my mental health and the behaviour it causes myself to exhibit. I need help urgently. I have a GP appointment booked for next week but that seems too far away, I want help sooner. I am currently on anti-depressants...
  20. E


    Today I heard about a woman who was distressed and wanted to kill herself. The police had closed the road. People in my office were talking about it, but focusing on the fact that they had been inconvenienced, not giving a thought for the woman and the terrible distress she must have been...