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  1. L

    secret message from the office

    Hi all, I'm a depressed 26 year old female on a fairly low dose of meds. Decided to register here because whenever I feel the black dog creeping up on me I go end up reading conversations here and feel a little better know the world isn't actually ending, loads of us go through this... It...
  2. WanderToKyozo

    Winding Up

    So what are your thoughts on the 'winding up' of psychosis. I can usually feel myself starting to become psychotic a few days before it happens (the voices) and I have to calm myself down, become distracted with something to avoid it. So it doesn't get worse. It also happens if I am in certain...
  3. P

    Feel like I'm 60 years old

    19 y/o male and healthy weight, go to the gym about every 2 weeks, and I try to eat healthy. I was diagnosed with ADD at a young age but mostly i have been able to control it. Recently though I have felt all of my motivation completely leave me, and my body feels a lot weaker. I have literally...
  4. F

    Sleep problems

    I can't believe myself that I've been getting almost no sleep for a long time, like a month. I only sleep 2 or 3 hours a day and mostly fall asleep around 3 a.m., sometimes I do not sleep at all. So, this is obviously not a good sleep pattern. Along with that, my mood is a bit unstable...
  5. S

    Concentration Problems

    Hi all, I have suffered with depression and anxiety for a while, and it seems to be improving a lot, however, my concentration doesn't seem to be and its becoming a big problem for me because I'm in my final year of uni about to take my exams and I'm also finding it affects my driving. I'm not...
  6. A

    Do I have schizophrenia or something else?

    Can psychosis be the same as schizophrenia? I assume so. Can that be my mind that mis-interprets my unknown surroundings or is that something else in reality? Sometimes it's difficult to concentrate when I'm into something that's interesting, but yet I get distracted by all what's happening...
  7. S


    I'm due to start uni next week, I'm in two minds whether to go or not. I'm getting distracted by the thought of going back to work full time as the extra money will mean I could put a deposit on a house. I'm also worried about what if I don't get a job after uni, therefore I would have wasted 3...
  8. shaky

    Spiritual meanderings

    Just thinking out loud: A wise man once said to me 'Don't believe the story in your head' It is true that a lot goes on in our minds and we think that it is true. This is partly why, when we are beset by ideas of self harm or suicide or whatever, we are advised to do something distracting...
  9. MagicJay

    Can't Concentrate :(

    So I have an assignment to hand in by 11:59pm tonight for University, it's not huge but still a lot to do my mood is every my mind keeps wondering and just been distracted by everything really need get it done but getting stressed at my self now. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!
  10. R

    Please ANYONE help

    I lost my mother three years ago to cancer, I was 17 at the time I'm now 20. I've grown up a lot since then but I feel like it is effecting me more then ever. I can laugh and feel happy for a moment but then it passes. I am constantly numb I dont feel happy to much it's more distracted. I am...
  11. messymoo


    I'm reading a book and it's talking about thoughts and I'm confusing myself I talk to myself in my head constantly is this the same as thoughts? I tried a mindfulness exercise and I can observe like it says it says you may be distracted by thoughts but I'm distracted by myself talking in my...
  12. T

    My wife is hearing voices and I need some helpful advise

    Hi My wife has recently (within last few days) told me she is hearing voices, and has been for since circa July. They seem to be fairly positive so far, and usually they are trying to tell a message, but she never gets to find out what the end of the message is as she gets distracted by...
  13. SoppyCow

    Pen pals

    Hey, Ive been pen-palling for years now, and I think its a great thing to do! Plus, helps me keep distracted! Wanted to see if there was a pen pal place online just for people like us, but I couldnt seem to find any. Which is a shame :( Would anyone think its a good idea, if we started a pen...
  14. BillFish

    WOTS Anyone? :)

    Anyone else suffer from “What’s over there syndrome”. In the context of schizophrenia, where a person has heightened senses and is constantly bombarded with superfluous information, it’s very easy to be distracted and to forget to actually concentrate on my immediate surroundings. Media...
  15. C

    Small Traumas Can Lead to Big Problems, Too

    Small Traumas Can Lead to Big Problems, Too Sometimes trauma work is not just about resolving major traumatic events in one’s life. Life is full of small traumas that most of us do not perceive as extremely distressing. When someone comes to therapy for posttraumatic stress, it is fair to...
  16. Fuscia

    Unable to keep distracted

    Hi I'm having problems because i cannot keep distracted all day, naturally. I've been reading '8 keys to safe trauma recovery' which was recommended by my previous psychologist. It talks about how time undistracted can send you in a bit of a spin. The author says she used to do some kind of...
  17. L

    new kid on the block :3

    Hey there, My name is Susan, I'm 19 years old and I'm new to this forum. I'm a member of only one other forum but decided to expand my horizons ;) I have many interests, but currently trying to really pursue them instead of only thinking about them and getting discouraged. That can happen, the...
  18. L

    Discontinuing Citalopram

    Doctor is tapering off my citalopram. Feel really crappy. Very hyper and distracted. Anyone else discontinue citalopram?
  19. 555jess555

    Need a distraction

    I need to be distracted. Urges are getting worse...
  20. M

    Thoughts of SH

    Try to distracted myself at the moment, by cleaning ang baking some bread!:scared: