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    Back again

    I was on here regularly a little while ago & then disappeared while life took over. But now I'm back. I've switched to fluoxetine and I'm on a waiting list for CBT. I have approximately 0 levels of motivation to do anything right now and I feel stuck under a great big rain cloud. I'm out of a...
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    BPD new to the forum

    Hi, I'm very new to this. This is my first forum. I have been diagnosed with BPD, I have managed to hide and ignore this illness but it's now become visible and I can't hide it anymore. I'm trying to understand it all, when I'm good I forget there's anything wrong and tell myself I'm fine. I am...
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    Sharing x

    Hello, I'm feeling sad that I can't tell my family about my voices. I feel alone and without any kindness which isn't coming directly from me. How many people have felt able to share their experience with friends or family. I have distanced myself from everyone and am looking after me alone...
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    Am I in the wrong?

    So one of my mates has fallen out with me. He's having problems with his girlfriend (who's a closer mate to me than he is) and he accused me (out of nowhere) of telling the tale and making things worse between them. I would never do this, and I then told him I wanted a more distanced friendship...
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    Everyone's noticed I'm depressed now!

    I was trying to pretend I was ok for the last few months,only a few people knew,now everyone knows and I cant cope ,people in work,friends ,everyone ,my boss pulled me to one side and asked was I ok,I didn't know what to say so I just said nothing ,he just stared at me,I feel like I'm entering...