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  1. E

    Personality Switches without Names? (PTSD)

    Whenever someone does something that reminds of ways I’ve been treated in the past, I get “triggered” and this “other side of me” takes over. I would say this side is nothing like myself but, I barely know who “I” really am. I just have all these “sides” and while they don’t have names they...
  2. J

    Multiple, quite different personalities

    One of my personalities wants to be alone and is socially anxious, and the other is so out of touch with reality that he wants kill anyone who he believes doesn't intelligently add to society. I don't know what mental illness this is, but it seems like a cross between schizoid personality...
  3. M

    Dissociation coping skills

    Hi, I was wondering how people cope when they are dissociating.. When I dissociate, I cannot speak. I sit or lie very still, and silently cry. Its embarrassing... people try to help or get me to talk but it only makes it worse, and I can't tell them to stop or what I need. I can't even nod my...
  4. Tabitha

    Dissociation and fear of going out

    I have dissociative episodes when I am anxious or stressed. I get disorientated, don't know who I am or where I am. I have been told to take Lorazepam when this happens but I don't always remember to take it when I am having an episode. Until recently these episodes happened infrequently, when...
  5. N

    New to site (noonetotell)

    Hello; I'm nervous but feel fairly isolated and need communication. I have depression, anxiety and dissociative identity disorder. I've struggled for the last 8 years. I see a therapist but I feel like no one gets what it's like for me.
  6. H

    How to know if it's psychosis or just a break down?

    My gf suffers from BPD and she goes into these states sometimes, where she is either dissociative or angry. How do you know if it's psychosis or just a shift of mood?
  7. cpuusage

    Schizophrenia & Dissociative Disorders: Crash Course Psychology

    Schizophrenia & Dissociative Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #32 - YouTube
  8. F

    On Dissociative Identity Disorder: an Interview with Michelle Maiese

    In this post, Magdalena Antrobus, PhD student on Project PERFECT, interviews Michelle Maiese (pictured above), Associate Professor of Philosophy at Emmanuel College, whose recent work centres on dissociative identity disorder. MA: How would you describe Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)...
  9. F

    I'm tired of myself

    Hi, I've never been diagnosed with bpd but anxiety and dissociative disorder. I've been in psychotheraphy for over a year and by the time, I noticed that I have some characteristics of bpd. I realized that I am so afraid of losing people around me and if I do or think of such situation, I feel...
  10. I'm Kate

    on the dissociative scale

    Hello Currently going through trauma therapy, I've been told that I am on the dissociative scale. Although I haven't been told whereabouts I am officially on the scale, I know that I scored 42 on the Dissociative Experiences Scale which puts me above the threshold for DID, though this May not...
  11. Persephones Choice

    Do psychotic voices ever quiet or do they keep talking non-stop?

    Lately, my voices have been more quiet. I can "tune them out" and they stop chatting. My previous psychiatrist was going to help me find out if my voices were psychotic or dissociative. But he stopped taking my particular insurance and I was forced to find a new doctor. The new doctor is a...
  12. E

    DID help maybe i have??

    had some weird realizations about me and my life and i'm just starting to wonder. i am diagnosed bipolar I mixed w psychosis i have had a lot of weird experiences in my life. and i think that i have caught on to another personality in my body. is it just bipolar euphoria that makes me feel...
  13. T

    Dissociative disorder

    i was wondering what the difference is between D.I.D and D.D is? thanks x
  14. B

    Dissociative episode?

    I'm 16 and I've been diagnosed with depression, and also this thing called "dissociative episodes" I'm not sure what this is. I've searched online for information and how to get rid of it (because it's really unpleasant) but I can't come up with anything. I'll explain to you what happens, then...
  15. jman82383

    Dissociative disorder

    What does it feel like
  16. K

    dissociative motor dissorder

    Who has this? Please help
  17. M

    Mental illness veteran with dissociative symptoms

    Hello, new here...first inpatient in the 8th grade, had a period of wellness, then at the age of 25 broke down again...i am having dissociative symptoms...time loss, memory loss, talking to myself, people who greet me and I dont remember who they are, eyeglasses that are only useful a few times...
  18. kleintjie

    Newly diagnosed BPD + dissociation

    Hi everyone My diagnosis of agitated depression five years ago is set to be changed to borderline personality disorder. Any coping advice? Also, I've been struggling with constantly going in and out of a dissociative state. Anyone one else suffer from this?
  19. ShadowOfTheDay


    Good to see a section for these kind of problems :) I have a dissociative disorder but hasn't been specificied which yet - has anyone here had a SCID-D assessment?
  20. ShadowOfTheDay

    Hey :)

    Hey I'm new, looking forward to getting to know people here :) Been diagnosed with BPD & a dissociative disorder.. Just wanted to say hi :clap: