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  1. S

    am i awake? tw

    No idea if this is the right forum to post in, but since things shifted after I experienced a traumatic event then I guess it might be the most appropriate. I'm not sure anything is real. I can't connect with anything... my feelings, other people, my surroundings. It feels less solid than a...
  2. Blindliness

    Dissociation? Need advice or someone to relate to

    Hello I'm Hailey I'm new here, I'm still not sure how to describe what I'm going through or if I do/don't have derealization...? I feel completely disconnected from myself, the world, and everyone around me, it feels like my brains been shut off? and I cant turn it back on It always looks like...
  3. starryskies

    Is this dissociation?

    Hello! I’ve had (social) anxiety as well as OCD for years now, and I’m finally getting my life back. It’s great, but I’ll still have serious mood shifts where I’m super happy and then go down to feeling depressed super quick. I can have a lot of breakdowns, where I don’t think straight and am in...
  4. E

    Post-grad existential anxiety/depression

    Hi y'all, I've been dealing with OCD, anxiety, and dysthymia since I was about 8 years old and it comes in goes in waves. Recently I graduated college with a BA which is such an amazing accomplishment, but now I am living at home and unemployed just trying to figure out where I'm going to go...
  5. L


    I'm so tired of my mental health issues getting away in my life and ruining the years of life i have lived. I lost 18 years of my life to being sick in my head and I don't want the rest of my life to be ruined. I have such bad anxiety I don't do anything and i can't share anything with strangers...
  6. L

    Someone taking over my body...?

    CW: Internalised homophobia Hey there, I’m new here, and I largely made this account just to make this post, as I’m struggling. I’ve been meaning to find somewhere to post this for a while, so here goes. Just to preface this, I don’t need anyone to respond telling me to see a professional, etc...
  7. M

    Feeling disconnected from reality. Is this early psychosis?

    Hi, i am Mark and i need your advices on my current situation. Since christmas, i am not feeling like myself anymore and it keeps getting worse every week. It all started with a panic attack during wich i felt like i was going crazy. I had highs and lows during a month or two but since a couple...
  8. Lostinthestatic

    Feeling flat empty dissociative and emotionless

    How do you get your feelings back when this happens? I can’t even cry I just feel nothing. Like I’m not even here Yet also somehow like I’m about to lose control..
  9. T


    I want to go get screened for DID but Im worried that they’ll say I dont have it or wont even believe me in the first place... If I don’t have DID, I’m not sure what’s going on......
  10. G


    Hi, I am diagnosed with Dissociative identity disorder, CPTSD, OCD, MDD and a couple other labels. I've been on and off so many meds due to side effects but have now settled on Lamotrigine for depression (increasing currently so it's not fully effective), prazosin for PTSD (brilliant)...
  11. M

    ADHD as source of my struggles?

    For as long as I can remember (age 4 and onward, at least), I've been suffering from stuck thoughts, complete dissociation/numbness and overwhelming and debilitating fatigue. Someone suggested that I have ADHD. Could this be the source of my struggles?
  12. E

    Hello from South Bend, Indiana

    Hello Everyone. I hope you are all doing well this Holiday season. I joined the Mental Health forum in search of help with dealing with my newfound misdiagnoses of 17 years. I was diagnosed Bipolar in 2001. I did the stupid thing of dropping therapy over and over again thinking i was not getting...
  13. T

    A Confusing Mix

    I don't know how to exactly describe this, and I don't know what to expect from posting this but here it is: I realized I've been experiencing dissociation since middle school, when I feel my depression had really started. But it's middle school, you know? Everyone was going through it...
  14. N

    Key worker?

    What are they supposed to do? I apparently have one, although she is useless, but what is her actual role? Like I don't talk to her apart from indirectly when I see my psychiatrist...What do I write on the ESA50?? I dunno. I feel like I can't think properly and I'm getting overwhelmed by...
  15. C

    User Name Corbie

    Hi I am (user name) Corbie. I have for several years been trying to understand and function with complex issues originating with long term emotional abuse, bullying, dissociation. Eating disorder. Depression. Trust Issues. Dissociative anger. Emotional distancing. The dissociation makes...
  16. U

    What Are Dissociations?

    Hi, I am in college and am currently taking a class on anthropology of public health, and it's made me start to question whether I have PTSD. I was severely emotionally bullied from ages 9-18, and now that I'm 20 and have been able to distance myself from the people who were hurting me, I am...
  17. M

    I have constant flashbacks about my partial seizures ■

    Hi, I'm new here. I was recently diagnosed with bpd, schizotypal pd and ptsd. I don't know if I should tell this to my therapist but there are days where I get flashbacks of my seizures and I begin to talk and act as if I'm about to have a seizure. There are times where it's intentional, but...
  18. S

    Is this anxiety? Depression? Something else?

    Hi, for a couple of months now I have episodes of weird mental states. They've been very spread out in the beginning but now they're almost daily and sometimes don't go away fully. I'ts hard for me to explain it when I'm feeling ok but here is something I wrote earlier while I was in one of...
  19. K

    Weird Nameless Symptom

    Hey all. I've been diagnosed with BPD about a year ago and since I've been finding every tiny part of my life really aligns with the symptoms of BPD. This process has been really awe-striking because I can look back at old diaries and really put every single word in them into a cookie cutter BPD...
  20. W

    What does it feel like to NOT be Dissociated?

    I have non-stop Depresonalization and derealization. It been like this for 10+ years now. Lately I've been doing better mentally, but I've been unable to identify if I am dissociated or not. I feel a lot more emotions and things around me seems to have depth, but I still cannot recognize myself...