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  1. C

    Dissociating during therapy!!

    We've just started therapy but once we go home it's incredibly hard to remember what happened during the session - brought this up and we've agreed to write down a summary at the end! :) Whilst the issue above should be pretty much sorted, there's still the issue that I will dissociate halfway...
  2. starryskies

    Is this dissociation?

    Hello! I’ve had (social) anxiety as well as OCD for years now, and I’m finally getting my life back. It’s great, but I’ll still have serious mood shifts where I’m super happy and then go down to feeling depressed super quick. I can have a lot of breakdowns, where I don’t think straight and am in...
  3. U

    What Are Dissociations?

    Hi, I am in college and am currently taking a class on anthropology of public health, and it's made me start to question whether I have PTSD. I was severely emotionally bullied from ages 9-18, and now that I'm 20 and have been able to distance myself from the people who were hurting me, I am...
  4. M

    Dissociation coping skills

    Hi, I was wondering how people cope when they are dissociating.. When I dissociate, I cannot speak. I sit or lie very still, and silently cry. Its embarrassing... people try to help or get me to talk but it only makes it worse, and I can't tell them to stop or what I need. I can't even nod my...
  5. M


    How on earth do i stop dissociating!!!! help needed ASAP
  6. D


    A little bit of information beforehand; I do already dissociate and I know what being numb feels like. I'm trying at this point to understand if I'm dissociating right now or if I'm emotionally numb or detached and mayhaps ways to go about dealing with/fixing it.
  7. D

    Having a hard time.

    Hi. I have been suffering with worsened deoression and increased anxiety for months now. It all seems circular and my mind is racing. It has gotten to the point that I was afraid of seeing my theraapist the other day but I went. She has suggested eating, exercising and being around people at...
  8. pentagram

    Mindfulness can be dangerous for PTSD sufferers

    An interesting article in the Guardian weekend 23/01/16, Kind of Blue, written by Dawn Foster. I have tried meditation and mindfulness often over the years. I have sometimes had very bad experiences after it. I just put this down to my wierd and wonderfully fucked up mind. One of my PTSD...
  9. S

    Lack of connection

    I am 44, very isolated. I used to have a few friends through school. Lost touch a few years after leaving. Had a few friends during uni, some good ones, but was a traumatic time and I kept what went on for years secret, lost friends after, couldn't socialise, talk etc. While training in London...
  10. Lincoln1990

    keep dissociating. At least that's what I think is happening.

    I'm losing a lot of time today. Ever since last night they aren't too happy with me. They've made it impossible to leave my house without a panic attack. I feel so stupid. I hate myself so much. It shouldnt have happened. I know I didnt say no though. And I've wanted to do that for a very long...
  11. catkin

    smelling salts - dissociation

    Anyone use them to try avoid dissociating? I've been told to use them again, but in treatment a few years a go was told to throw them away as I need to rely on myself to come back, rather than a substance....? I still can't stop it happening. Just wondered what others have been advised? Thank you x
  12. MoonPrincess

    Not being myself

    Just thought I'd post something that I feel now and again, and I'd like to know if any of you guys feel this way and/or relate to this. Okay so sometimes I have the feeling that I'm not really me, and often I question why I feel this way (even though I accept that's how I am). It sounds crazy...
  13. Lincoln1990

    I cant

    ....I can't do this anymore........this is too much....voices and dissociating.....and Sue isn't in town for a whole another week......
  14. M

    My pdoc thinks I'm dissociating....

    So as the title says my pdoc thinks I'm dissociating. He mentioned something about it a while back but I didn't fully "take it on board". So at our most recent session, I asked him for an explanation of what he thinks is going on and he says I'm dissociating to protect myself. I'm really...
  15. galora

    Lonely and Dissociating

    Hi all.. Hope everyone is feeling better as it is closer to the weekend :) Today is a public holiday in my country as I am all alone. Had a therapy session yesterday, so I keep dissociating and having flashbacks of negative memories :( And it is now even harder for me to eat anything to...
  16. Blindside

    Am i dissociating ?

    Sorry for the long post ladies and gents but i have to ask. Am i dissociating Over the past few months these feelings have got worse but not intolerable sometimes its even comforting as i sometimes feel more at peace with my self and surroundings but more frequent and on a daily basis things...
  17. pentagram

    do psychiatrists know when you are dissociating?

    I now have no doubt now that I dissociated when I was given aversion therapy. When I was away from my body and the AT continued the Ps must have known and stopped the AT and put me on a ward until I returned . This probably answers my previous question about where my body had gone. Then in a...
  18. jax

    Not well

    I am experiencing the 'labile' symptoms again. My mood is going from sobbing, to joking, to feeling panic to just about anything all in 10 minutes. The nurse I saw today asked me to see the home treatment team. I was hesitant. In the end - I agreed to see them. I know that i need help as I...