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  1. C

    Scared all the time

    We post too much stuff recently but What can I do because I feel so scared all the time and like someone is about to hurt me and I have no one to turn to so I just feel all alone and sad and terrified of her father and the house... And I keep on giving everyone panic attacks I feel bad...
  2. K

    Weird experience after purging

    I was staying ta my bfs house for a few days and couldn't purge and whenever I'm home and by myself everything feels so much worse cause it's kind of built up a bit I guess. So once home I ate dinner and some snack and stuff and I think around 2 in the morning I was like "right now is the time"...
  3. Daniilove25

    A couple of questions

    I tried posting earlier but didn't get any response so I'm going to try again. When I first saw a therapist I remember her having me take a dpd test on my second visit, I saw her about 4 times before I ran into money issues so it's been a while since I've been able to see her. The test made it...
  4. L

    I don’t understand...

    I don’t really know if I have any partcialuar mental illness or I’ve never been diagnosed with anything, I’ve never been to counseling or any other type of doctor and now I am a little bit lots with my mental state and how to handle it. I know that I dissociate a lot, as in constantly, I can...
  5. M

    What it feels like

    Hi, I know everyone's experiences are different so I thought I'd share mine. I often get physical symptoms where I lose sensations in my body, nothing looks or feels quite right, the floor underneath me seems to tip and sometimes everything feels too heavy. Thankfully I don't have multiple...