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  1. H

    Hi I’m new

    Hi I’m harp, I’m new to this site and hoping to talk to and meet people. There’s no body in person I feel like I can talk to about all my diagnosis. I’ve been diagnosed with borderline personality, major depression, generalized anxiety and adhd. I really just want to be able to go to somebody...
  2. S

    Voice hearing- yourself at different ages?

    Hi hope you are all ok.. Does anyone else hear voices of themselves at different ages? I believe when I experienced trauma my personality split. They argue with each other and some don't particularly like each other. I believe each has a different personality and psychological disorders. My...
  3. qwerty1234

    Parents are controlling

    I am 35 living with my father and he still tries to control how I eat. I don't think it is his privilege to tell me how to eat. I think my parents' controlling behavior plays biological and nurturing influence into why I had eating disorders from 15 to 30. It is frustrating. He tries to...
  4. T

    Eating disorders asessment

    I have got an eating disorder assessment for binge eating soon. Any idea what it's like? Xxxeating disorders asessment
  5. Shadow-one

    Are Eating Disorders based on scales/weight or mental thoughts & actions

    Are Eating Disorders based on scales/weight or mental thoughts & actions I'm curious... Are Eating Disorders measured around weight and bmi or around the person's attitude towards food and their ways of approaching food every day? I read an article recently that said that Eating Disorders...
  6. F

    It's urgent!!!!!

    Hi everyone, Please help me urgently as I am in a very pathetic situation. I am a first year medical student pursuing MBBS. I suffer from a number of mental disorders be it - OCD, SOCIAL ANXIETY, BODY DYSMORPHIA, GAD, PANIC DISORDERS, ONYCHOPHAGIA, slight AGORAPHOBIA ( of college) - all being...
  7. tjola

    please help

    I’m new here, just downloaded this app. I’m 23 and female and have bdp/EUPD anxiety, manic depression and body dysmorphia. I’m really struggling and I just want to talk to other people who have personality disorders. Please be kind, I’m really sensitive at the moment. Xxx
  8. F

    Ethnic minority inequalities in access to treatments for schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorders: findings from a nationally representative cross-

    Ethnic minority inequalities in access to treatments for schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorders: findings from a nationally representative cross-sectional study Posted by Jayati Das-Munshi, Dinesh Bhugra and Mike J. Crawford April 18 2018 Ethnic minority inequalities in access to...
  9. Z

    Mental health assessment nightmare

    So I just did a mental health assessment online which is meant to be a shortened version of the real one that's used by mental health Workers to assess clients mental health. I got SEVEN OR EIGHT DISORDER results. Seriously?? If that doesn't say seriously fucked up , then what does?? Has anyone...
  10. I_Want_Inner_Peace

    Hi Everyone

    Hello! I hope to meet people here for support or to learn from each other. I have suffered a long time from emotional problems/mental illness. I’ve seen therapists before but each one had slightly different ideas of what specific disorders I have. I also had an account in a forum called Social...
  11. S

    possible causes of this "disorder"

    The title that someone wrote "Separation Anxiety Disorder as a child" - this is exactly what gargamels("mindManipulators/mindProgrammers") are doing. This are people that are professionally doing a "job" conditioning other people. This are usually hipnoIdiots(mainOnes-notAll) and some others...
  12. M

    Dissociation coping skills

    Hi, I was wondering how people cope when they are dissociating.. When I dissociate, I cannot speak. I sit or lie very still, and silently cry. Its embarrassing... people try to help or get me to talk but it only makes it worse, and I can't tell them to stop or what I need. I can't even nod my...
  13. F

    Ten-fold increase in psychiatric disorders at Finland's prisons

    Written by Uutiset Jan 14 2018 Ten-fold increase in psychiatric disorders at Finland's prisons | Yle Uutiset | yle.fi Isn't Finland the home of open dialogue , and where cases of psychosis had supposedly been virtually eradicated ?
  14. M

    Hi everyone I'm new to the forum :)

    Hi all, I have mixed personality disorder and I'm hoping to speak with people also living with personality disorders. :clap:
  15. K

    Is there a name for this?

    I am rather new and I don’t know if this is the right place, however my question is regarding Hypochondria. I am aware that hypochondria refers to a physical illness I do not know if it is exclusively physical, or if there is another mental illness that is like hypochondria except it is...
  16. F

    Body dissatisfaction in men. The Body Project: More Than Muscles RCT

    Written by Sarah McDonald Sept 12 2017 Body dissatisfaction in men. The Body Project: More Than Muscles RCT I do not have an ED so will refrain from commenting other than wondering whether men with ED is an under recognised problem.
  17. JustJanus

    Hello everyone

    Hello! My name is Janus, and this is actually my second time joining a mental health forum. I'm about to be a sophomore in college, and the first time I joined one was five years ago, when I found out I had severe ADD and stress/anxiety disorders. I fell out of using the forum though, but...
  18. J

    HI everyone!!

    Hello all. I'm new here and I'm here to talk with others that may be in the same boat as I. I don't know much about mental disorders but would like to get insight to help understand what my wife goes through.
  19. cpuusage

    Breaking Through the Wall of Schizophrenia

    i know the general attitudes that a lot of people & the system has to alternative ways of understanding & approaching psychosis, But thought that this was an interesting little article, looking at the role trauma plays within psychotic disorders & how people can potentially find a deeper healing...
  20. SomeGuywithAspergers

    Hello, I am new to this forum.

    As I am new to this forum, I am also not used to the conventions of this forum. I am a teenager who has been recently looking into various mental disorders and would like to meet other people who also have such things. I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at 11 years of age and am curious...