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  1. KTCarrott

    Effects of stopping drinking alcohol.

    Hey! I new to this forum, and also new to the BPD diagnosis. I have stopped drinking alcohol, it has been around 5 months now, as I found it made me very vulnerable, to making very bad and self destructive decisions, including promiscuity, and self harm, and just putting myself in general...
  2. B

    Having trouble with food.

    Since the new year, I’ve made it my priority to eat well. I’ve been doing a good job. But eating has become something that makes me very nervous. I spend about 80% of each day thinking about food or preparing meals or worrying about my weight. For three months I did a pretty good job but I did a...
  3. F

    No appetite, can't eat, throwing up when eating

    So about 2 years ago, i suddenly couldn't eat or dring anything. It came out of the blue, no warning. I woke up one day after not sleeping almost at all and threw up. I tried to eat but had no appetite and felt very nauseous. This lasted a long long time, I went to a psychologist for 3 months...
  4. F

    possible misdiagnosis of schizoaffective disorder

    i was recently diagnosed with the most recent psychiatrist i saw with schizoaffective disorder, however, i do not agree on the diagnosis, not just from her observation but altogether as a whole. as i am new to the forum, i was gonna post in the "introduce yourself" section first of why i am...
  5. P

    Telling People About Your Disorder

    I am bipolar, and also have generalized anxiety disorder and ADHD. I take 6 pills a day for these illnesses, and I am not always comfortable with telling people about this information. Yet people in my family keep telling their friends all the information about my hospitalizations, the...
  6. L

    Greetings from a newbie

    Hi everyone, I'm from Malaysia and so glad to have found this active forum. I have anxiety and panic disorder, in joining this forum I hope to seek advice at the same time provide some advices based on my experience with my disorder. Looking forward to get to know all of you here :)
  7. B

    Trialing new antidepressants for Panic disorder

    I have panic disorder. I have not seen a psychiatrist for several months now. I have an appointment for February. I was just wondering, if anyone had any luck feeling better from trying different antidepressants, or perhaps other classes of drugs. I have tried zoloft, lexapro, effexor, seroquel...
  8. M

    Is this a type of derealization/depersonalization or something else?

    I had this sudden, unexpected feeling as though i was 'seeing sounds' or 'hearing colors'. Like when you are getting really high and you lose touch with real focus and what you are actually, physically looking at cause your brain decided to go batty. It freaked me out so bad, i thought I was...
  9. S


    Hi everyone, I'm a new member and am looking forward to getting to know everyone. I suffer with depression and General anxiety disorder x
  10. Bizzarebitrary

    Hello! Making introductions is awkward but I'm pleased to be here.

    Greetings to all from Northern California, or the darkest portion of it which happens to be wherever I'm sitting at the time. :low: From the Mental Illness Buffet, I've been served a generous helping of Major Depressive Disorder smothered in Treatment Refractory gravy, several large sides of...
  11. L

    Need help and guidance.

    Hi everyone, I have joined this forum as I have reached a breaking point with my mental health. I am a 21 old gay male, and am having issues with depression, body dysmorphia/eating and most recently gender identity issues. I have never been diagnosed by a professional so not sure what to say...
  12. M

    BPD & Weight Gain from Meds

    Hi, so I’m Mel, 19 and recently been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. I’ve been started on an anti-psychotic called Quetiapine (Seroquel) and I’ve heard it makes you gain a lot of weight. Now I’m not the slimmest and I’m currently in the process of losing weight and DO NOT want to...
  13. nkirkas

    Hi everyone have a great life

    Hi to everyone here, Hope we get mental healthy as soon as possible especially those who are really suffering,because ive heard common people say "im depressed" and i always thought you didn't even meet real depression yet,to suffer your whole life from child to an adult,to wanna surrender..So...
  14. J


    I was diagnosed with a personality disorder in my teens that I don't have. I'm 40 now. At the time I was diagnosed, I did have symptoms, which went away completely within a month of the bitchy psychiatrist (who I only saw once) diagnosing me based on a difference between my version and the...
  15. A

    Hello, I'm new here

    I'm not sure where to start. I'm having a lot of health problems I have CPTSD and Bipolar Disorder. I look forward to getting to know you all. Take Care. Angel54
  16. F

    BlueIce app for managing self-harm: what do young people think?

    Posted by Bethan Davies Dec 13 2018 . BlueIce app for managing self-harm: what do young people think? Has anyone tried this app? What are your thoughts about it?
  17. M

    Hi there! Figured I'd introduce myself

    Hey everyone! I'm new here. I figured I'd introduce myself. I'm Michael. I don't really know what to say... lol. I'm pretty interested in psychopharmacology and find myself reading about it quite a lot for recreation. I'd like to become a pdoc one day, but I'm not sure I could hack it through...
  18. B

    New here

    Hi I'm new here. I'm looking for support. I'm currently on a waiting list to see a psychologist. I've been dealing with depression for a very long time and have recently been diagnosed with a personality disorder...I'm a little scared of that diagnosis.
  19. Livingdeadgirl

    Medication advice needed - doctors appointment tomorrow

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum, I have struggled with mental illness for quite a while and don't have many people in my life who understand mental illness. I'm hoping to make some connections on here. I have a diagnosis of ADD, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar disorder. Finding the right...
  20. Mayflower7

    Delusional disorder

    Hi All, My psychiatrist is now querying if I have delusional disorder and not paranoid schizophrenia. Anyone have delusional disorder? I seem to have more symptoms of delusional disorder. Thanks