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  1. J

    hello all

    I'm Judge Edward...You can call me Judie...I'm here to get new friends and for doubts, to be clarified after discussion.
  2. T

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone, I haven't really been in therapy before for depression or anything, but I had a certain period last year when I didn't know what I was feeling and all I wanted was to stay in bed for months, didn't want to eat and didn't want to talk to people. And I didn't know what that was. I...
  3. S

    Treading Water

    First post here... Does anyone else feel they're in a state of treading water? Doing enough to get by, but not quite getting anywhere. In my case, the shore is literally a few metres away, but I feel stuck and unable to swim toward it. I'm a Masters student at university (UK). I've done my...
  4. K

    New comer

    Hello guys! I am new here,just joined the forum.I think this a very good website of mental problems discussion.
  5. L

    Would anyone like to chat?

    Hi, I've created a whatsapp group for casual discussion, would anyone like to talk? By the way you can join by clicking this link on your mobile -> [moderated] Sorry if this is against the rules of this forum, I'm new here.
  6. C

    Hi everyone.. i m new here and i need to know from where i can post my issues for open discussion

    Hi everyone.. i m new here and i need to know from where i can post my issues for open discussion please guide me
  7. S

    Hello Everyone

    I am married with two cats and fish. I have been afflicted with mental problems for years now. And I am interested in discussion and fellowship.
  8. E

    My Problem that is the Solution

    I like to like to post in highly temporary forums, that are cataloged and recorded for future convictions by police powers, as an aggression against civilization as mandate or fiat, and republics that will accuse me of destroying any induced sense of decorum. I have a sense of community. From...
  9. Kerome

    The Noonday Demon: An Atlas for Depression by Andrew Solomon

    This was just on Dutch tv, with a long interview with the author. Seemed really interesting, with a lot of discussion, case studies and personal journeys by the author. If you're in the market for a book about depression and want to know everything, it sounds like you could do much worse than...
  10. J

    WAVES - A new discussion and awareness group based in East Surrey

    Hi all, I am part of a relatively new mental health awareness and discussion group, WAVES (Wellbeing, Awareness and Voice in East Surrey). https://www.facebook.com/groups/116187615387216/# Our key focus is on mental health for 11-25 year olds in East Surrey, and our aim is to provide a...
  11. H

    You and Me Together

    I believe we all have two minds: Our own thinking process and another one that is built by design to aide us no matter if it even may bring harm to others. It's another creature that watches the world with us. Does anyone here believe something along those lines? I genuinely want to ask if its...
  12. J

    I'm a Newbie

    Hi all! Looking forward to a good discussion with you guys!
  13. KyleQ

    Hello Folks

    I'm here for the support and discussion of mental health.. hopefully help me help you help me type deal lol... im paranoid schizophrenic... that deals with hearing voices on daily basis... so again im glad to be here! :)
  14. Gajolene

    The difference between CBT and DBT

    What’s the Difference Between CBT and DBT? | Psych Central Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most commonly practiced forms of psychotherapy today. It’s focus is on helping people learn how their thoughts color and can actually change their feelings and behaviors. It is usually...
  15. A


    Hi. I've signed up to the forum today as I feel the need to speak to people who will better understand what I am going through. My family are really supportive but I struggle to explain my feelings to them and get frustrated when they can't understand. I suffer from anxiety and depression...
  16. Poppy2014

    overcoming self destroying habits

    I have just made a monumental f**k up at work, the sort which could get me sacked. It's going to be reported to higher up and I have to wait and see what they want to do. However in a discussion with my line manager I realised this is a pattern of self destruction that I have repeated over the...
  17. Kerome

    Buddhist perspectives on mental health

    I've found a collection of Buddhist perspectives on mental health which I thought might be useful and which are reproduced below, for the perusal of some of the forum members interested in Buddhism. http://bipolardaily.blogspot.com/2007/07/buddhist-bipolar-hindrances.html A Zen approach to...
  18. C

    Is this a doppelgänger?

    I have been bothered with hallucinations in the past few weeks, mainly of a 'person' seen out of the corner of my eye. When I looked straight at it, it wasn't there. I have been under a lot of stress. On the day of seeing my pdoc I suddenly wondered if it was a doppelganger. I thought I had...
  19. chazxxx

    Does depression even exist?

    Debating whether or not to put this in the psychology discussion. So sorry if this is in the wrong place. Does anyone else find themseleves question not only wether they have depression or not. But even if depression actually exists at all? Is it just a mass delusion we have that their is...
  20. E

    How to Talk to Voices

    This is the process I have followed that has taken me from an abusive situation with voices to one that is supportive. 1. Search - look for voices that have the most potential to talk with. Your natural reaction will be to ignore the hostile voices and look for the least hostile. In my opinion...