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  1. S

    Coperate Ignorance

    Hi, I have been sacked by my company because they claim I don't have the capacity to do my job. I counter claim that it is Discrimination. After 20 years and the past 6 years I believe I have been a victim of direct discrimination because of who I am. Reasonable adjustments were made after 2.5...
  2. H

    Disinherited because of mental illness

    Has anyone experienced discrimination by siblings when a parent has died? My siblings cut me out of my mother's will and the family trust? Feel helpless to do anything about it - I am the eldest of five.
  3. F

    Indirect mental disability discrimination

    I am my wife’s carer, we live in Scotland and my wife suffers from Anthropophobia ( fear of people),Depression, Anxiety and panic attacks and has no trust and has actual fear of any authority and people, including Dr’s. She now has developed Neuroendocrine tumours (NETs) and needs a stomach...
  4. 5


    Hi, everybody! This is my chaotic situation since I am STUCK in France and running out of resources to cover my family's needs!! I've finally come to the point of seeking advice and possible help with my situation. I've been living in Fr for six years now. I have been discriminated and terribly...
  5. A

    Cant Help It.

    I have been in and out of therapy for self harm in the past.. I was hospitalized quite frequently in my teenage years for misinterpretation of my self harm.. I was in therapy and was honestly trying to use it properly ( i do want to be better). However, every time they would ask me if i felt...
  6. T

    Defaults due to mental health on credit file

    Is it fair that a bank can record a default on a persons credit file when it happened as a result of a mental illness? Petition * UK Banks: Stop discriminating against people with disabilities or because of illness * Change.org Would it be discrimination or just the bank being sensible? F
  7. V

    Advice and help wanted - discrimination at work?

    Hi, this is my first ever post to this forum in attempt to gain any advice or help that anyone can offer me on a situation that occurred to me only yesterday which has torn me up inside. It is a fairly long story but I would really appreciate any time and effort as I am confused and upset...
  8. J

    Any jobs that mental health problems disqualify you from?

    Particularly having OCD? I'm really worried, I got a conditional offer for a job as a carer in a residential home and I have had to do a pre employment medical questionnaire. I told the truth on there, that I have taken meds for OCD during the past year. My OCD's under control now, which I...
  9. cpuusage

    UN resolution on mental health and human rights

    https://www.bps.org.uk/node/178925 04/07/2016 The United Nations has passed a resolution reaffirming the right of everyone to be guaranteed the full enjoyment of their human rights and fundamental freedoms, without discrimination of any kind. Promoted by Portugal and Brazil and co-sponsored...
  10. blacksmoke

    a time to change lets end mental health discrimination

    Time To Change | let's end mental health discrimination got this link from a book-The Power Of Knowing You. learning from the past- by Sheila McMahon not managed to read it as yet but i have met the author
  11. C

    Ex-employer discrimination/reasonable adjustments - should I fight or let it go?

    Ex-employer discrimination/reasonable adjustments - should I fight or let it go? Sorry for the long post (although this is the shortened version :p) So, the last 18 months have been pretty horrendous for me. I'd been having problems both at work and at home, which led to me pretty much having...
  12. F

    Study finds evidence of racial and class discrimination among psychotherapists

    Study finds evidence of racial and class discrimination among psychotherapists WASHINGTON, DC, May 25, 2016 -- A new study suggests that psychotherapists discriminate against prospective patients who are black or working class. "Although I expected to find racial and class-based disparities...
  13. C


    Flintshire Advocacy Services North Wales 1 The Podium, Ambrose Lloyd Centre, New Street, Mold, Flintshire CH7 1NP 01352 759332 [email protected] The advocacy service is structurally independent from statutory organisations. The service is designed and operates in a way which is free...
  14. R

    british gas

    got an appt with britsh gas they could come at 8 so i've phoned them to ask for later, got through then was put in this queue after 30 mins with adverts for british gas and music gave up. I think they now answer the call assess you as to whether your in a position to complain then if not put...
  15. M

    Experience of people with mental health conditions in police custody or witness to an event

    Experience of people with mental health conditions in police custody or witness to an event I know of people who declare MH conditions after being arrested, or the police have them on computer as having MH conditions , Being held in police cells a lot longer than ,the average jo who gets nicked...
  16. C

    Welsh Assembly Member

    Hi all I have now given my medical records that I paid for to my local assembly Member to digest. I am claiming they have been fabricated and embellished to discredit, that they discriminate, defile, and use mental abuse. Its now out of my hands and in the politicians hands. If you have...
  17. C

    Scottish Borders

    Scottish Borders New Horizons Borders Unit 10b Galabank Business Park Wilderhaugh Galashiels Selkirkshire TD1 1PR 01896 755510 [email protected] "We empower each other through self-help, mutual support and, at the same time, raise public awareness by challenging public and professional...
  18. M

    Probation period at work extended due to 'potential absence related to mental health'

    Probation period at work extended due to 'potential absence related to mental health' Hi all, I'm new here so hope this is in the right place. Intro: my fiancee has depression and severe anxiety, but is coping pretty well at the minute. She started a new job in November on a three month...
  19. shaky

    MAXIMUS - the replacement for ATOS - are even worse

    Meet MAXIMUS – the new ATOS (but even worse) | Pride's Purge Here are just a few examples: Lawmakers lash out at Maximus for questionable expenses payments Medical workers allowed to keep practising despite failing drug, alcohol tests Managers File Race Discrimination Complaints Against Maximus...
  20. F

    My thoughts on there being ‘no stigma’ around mental illness

    Last Sunday, the Observer published a piece by Elizabeth Day which appeared to claim that stigma around mental illness no longer existed. She certainly didn’t sugar the pill. “I don’t view mental illness as a scary, strange thing or as a form of weakness. Do you? I doubt it.” “…bandying...