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  1. S

    The area between the eyebrows and schizophrenia.

    I tested areas of the body that are affected when angry, and discovered that the area most important is the area between the eyebrows. If we press the area with the fingers we find that the patient remains calm and not affected by the positions. I also discovered that this method protects the...
  2. S

    What talents do you have now that you didn't have before your diagnosis?

    What talents do you have now that you didn't have before your diagnosis? I'm not a very good artist but I know that people have discovered hidden talents. What are yours?
  3. Funnyday

    Relentless voices

    I've had enough of it all. I don't want to hear voices any more. The voice said to me today that if I was to stop listening to music and do as they say I would become a rich and famous author. I would rather be dead than hear them any more. There must be a way to shut them the fuck up. Someone...
  4. F

    Autism spectrum has no clear cut-off point, research suggests

    The same genes involved in predisposing people to autism appear to influence social skills in the wider population, suggesting that the autism spectrum has no clear cut-off point, scientists have discovered. Autism spectrum has no clear cut-off point, research suggests | Science | The Guardian...
  5. N

    Years of Anxiety - Discovered A Trick

    Hi everyone, For many many years, I have always suffered with terrible bouts of anxieties, and only just recently today literally in fact, I have discovered a trick to solve this problem. Air and sea Travel Wrists Bands. Yes, that's what I have said. To my amazement, and I could...
  6. E


    has this ever helped anyone, I have schizophrenia? I recently discovered a spiritual breathing video on youtube.
  7. A


    I have recently discovered a new phobia and after this afternoon full blown panic attack, I figure maybe it would be good to talk about it. Lok
  8. L

    Need an alternative to Pregabalin, any ideas of what I should maybe ask for?

    Need an alternative to Pregabalin, any ideas of what I should maybe ask for? I've been on Pregabalin for 5 years nearly now, all the way from 75mg x2 to 300mg x2 and now 200mg x2. The reason for coming down a dose was as a result of a chance talk with a pharmacist, the first person to ever...
  9. cpuusage

    The Day Dostoyevsky Discovered the Meaning of Life in a Dream

    The Day Dostoyevsky Discovered the Meaning of Life in a Dream | Brain Pickings
  10. N

    Unconscious thoughts/beliefs

    So last year was really interesting for me in that I recognised I had unconscious thoughts and beliefs. It was confusing, and had been confusing for years, because sometimes my emotions did not match my thoughts - I would think one, rational thing, and my emotion would be the opposite. What I...
  11. S

    Anorexia Help!! Please

    So I think my little sister is suffering from Anorexia in the first stages (we discovered this a month ago), she is just losing weight right now and everytime we assure her to eat she starts crying, I really need Help!! we took her to the doctor but is not working, I just need some advice so I...
  12. P

    Do the OCD apps work for you

    so today i discovered that you can get "doorlock" apps and "did I turn it off" apps which are major problems for me.. before I test them out are they worth it..
  13. B

    need a friend .....

    I believe we all have a little part inside of us that needs to be discovered - don't know if I make sense - life has been great since seven years ago- fell in love for real the first time in my life......... traveled - bought income property- did everything. but lately don't know what happened...
  14. W

    i am from Santiago,Chile

    hello i am new on the forum , my name is Francisco and i am from Santiago,Chile , i am 30 years old and i have bipolar disorder type 1 and also asperger disorder which is very mild , besides that, i got discovered bipolar disorder on the year 2009 and on 2011 got discovered asperger disorder...
  15. R

    Not Alone

    Okay so i found this website by chance, not sure if i am using it right but i have been told by friends i should try this out. I suffer with GAD (generalised Anxiety disorder) i have had it for many years but only discovered it last year it is caused by my past. i feel very lonely, in that...
  16. prairiechick

    Nighty Night Tea

    Medicinal grade hops, passion flower, and catnip. So glad I've discovered this tea! I wish I'd discovered it 5 years ago! This is better to get me calm and sleeping than valerian, and this is what's going to help me reduce my quetiapine. As of last night I am back down to 400 mg of...
  17. L

    Odd feelings in hands

    I have been on Lithium 800g for two months after coming off Depakote and can't make my mind up if it has been a good move. I have REALLY bad nightmares with no home connection which leave me wakening up screaming and covered in sweat. I have now discovered feelings I never had which can be ok as...
  18. greebobeebo

    Cold weather payments

    I have just been on here http://pensions-service.direct.gov.uk/en/cold-weather-payment/home.asp and discovered I am due 2 payments in the next 14 days:clap::clap::clap:
  19. C

    hello this is my story part 2

    I could see the group of lads playing football in the field I was approaching. It was a hot sunny day and I had just left my group of friends and was heading home. As I got closer and closer I could feel myself trying to look more sexy. the hips were moving more, I adjusted my cleavage and...
  20. diamondshine

    totally triggered

    A lot of my self-harming was (initially) related to flashbacks of a youth leader (whom I trusted implicitly) being 'inappropriate' with me. I am still 'friends' with him on FB because I am friends with his wife and it would cause more problems to delete him than to just keep him and ignore...