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  1. M

    I am impulsive type with features of discouraged, do you relate to the BPD subtypes?

    I am impulsive type with features of discouraged, do you relate to the BPD subtypes? Theodore Millon has proposed four subtypes of BPD. He suggests that an individual diagnosed with BPD may exhibit none, one, or more of the following:[79] Subtype Features Discouraged (including avoidant...
  2. J

    Discouraged and confused about mental health options

    I apologize in advance because i feel this could get very wordy. I'm 23F who has been dealing with certain mental struggles to the point that it has affected my life in multiple areas. I have repeated impulsive decision making behavior which has resulted in 8 or more different jobs in the last...
  3. valleygirl


    Blah blah blah. That's today, boring. I am discouraged with my shoulder today. I dislocated it on Saturday, but today it feels more painful. I did a load of laundry this morning, and made a big pot of soup, so I should feel encouraged that I am able to do these things. But now I just feel...
  4. C

    Unfairness of it all

    Far too much to drink this evening and ended up head over toilet in a bar. Ridiculous and undignified. I'm a woman of 43. As always its the baby thing, or lack of baby thing, which haunts me is just getting worse. I wake up having nightmares about the baby I can't find. A younger man paid...
  5. F

    Atypical antipsychotics and weight gain

    The main side effect for me of being on antipsychotics is weight gain. The weight gain has occurred gradually ie 6 stone over about 8 years. I confess that i am a comfort eater/eat out of boredom/ probably mistake emotional hunger for physical hunger and have increased appetite. I did try...
  6. shaky


    Sometimes I amaze myself. I put myself out I do things I go places I try and try For someone with the conditions that I've got I do an amazing amount of stuff I gird my loins time and time again and leap into the dark and force myself to do things And I just don't seem to come up with the...
  7. G

    OCD, My mind never stops harrassing me

    The more important it is to not have a thought come to mind, the more often it happens and the more horrible the thoughts. I'm feeling discouraged. It never ends. :unsure:
  8. L


    I have recently been terminated from a job, I believe due to judgment and discrimination from a boss. This is the third time in 8 years that a boss challenged me, as I collaborate, have a gentle demeanor. When I experience disrespect or impatience because I do not assimilate material quickly, or...