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  1. R

    Long-term physical discomfort following anxiety attack (chest & throat)

    Long-term physical discomfort following anxiety attack (chest & throat) Hi everyone I'm hoping to find some people who've had a similar experience here... I had a bad anxiety attack over a year ago and ever since I've had chronic inflammation and discomfort in my chest, neck and throat that's...
  2. amathus

    Seven Ways Mentally Strong People Combat Stress (Article)

    While stress causes some people to crumble, mentally strong people continue to thrive in the midst of added tension. In fact, they view adversity as an opportunity for self-growth. Whether they're dealing with financial setbacks, health problems, or workplace difficulties, mentally strong people...
  3. E

    short of breath and throat discomfort

    so shortness of breath is back again and when i take a deep breath my throat hurts so obviously this has sent my health anxiety in to overdrive it really gets me down. anyone else get this? thanks
  4. S

    Dental work setting off ocd/tourette's

    I suffer from OCD and a complex form of tourette's syndrome, which seem to be pretty well tied together in my case, among other things. A while back, I got pretty depressed and stopped taking care of myself very well for a few months. I'm now in a better place, maintaining everything and not...
  5. dubblemonkey

    goodbye nobody and every-nobody

    my illness is best left to me! ...I do not want to attempt to identify with you or with them or with anybody... mental illness has been a diabolical and permanent individual experience. ...it's better that I keep doing what I am doing....to cope. ...and it has nothing to do with you...
  6. P

    My nana died on Tuesday :(

    So my nana died on Tuesday. She hasn't been well for a while now (on and off for about a year) and the selfish part of me is devastated that i will never see her again, while the other side of me is relieved that she isn't going through the pain and discomfort anymore. I really am trying to...
  7. dd1ps

    Who else has bad nausea and other stomach problems due to mental health?

    Who else has bad nausea and other stomach problems due to mental health? I have very bad nausea, pretty much 24/7, I do have a separate chronic illness that attributes to it but on top of that I was wondering if anyone else experiences anything like this or has something even slightly similar...
  8. 0

    Do i really have Anxiety or something else?

    I have had panic attacks before for a year on and off but for the last month and a half i have not had one. However EVERY single day my heart feels strange. I get an awful feeling sometimes when walking for a mile + and with in 2 i have to stop it gets that bad the feeling. I have a constant...
  9. jax

    It's been a while

    Hi guys, I haven't been online for about 7 weeks. I had sky installed and they kept botching up my Internet date. I wish I never switched over to them. My mental health have been awful. Many of the horrid mixed states - quite a few hypo-manic episodes as well as anxiety and depression. I am...