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  1. A

    Parenting a teen help advice

    My daughter (15) has been self harming and we only found out about 3 weeks ago so we are new to this journey. My daughter is now seeing a psychologist, which she hates doing. She still tells us that what she is doing is fine because it works and there is nothing wrong with it. As her parents...
  2. M

    Newbie: Which discipline of councillor do I need?

    Hi Very simple, one time only question: which discipline of councillor do I need if at all? Sounds melodramatic but I've always felt broken; devoid of emotion, rather cut off family members than have an argument, always restless (career & life), fairly successful but feel useless and worthless...
  3. W

    I'm new here and need advice about my daughter-in-law

    I'm desperate for some advice about what I should do about my son and his family. After my son lost his job, they decided to move closer to my wife and I from a home in a very busy suburb of a big city. They wanted to buy a house with 8-10 acres for the kids to grow up and enjoy. (Girl 9, girl...
  4. D

    Lack of support

    Hi I am new to this forum, I have anxiety and OCD. I have been diagnosed for about three years now. My husband always uses my illness against me, if I get annoyed or stressed out he will say that im a psyco, I'm tapped in the head, not right in the head, I should be grateful that he is still...
  5. S


    I am so lost... Everything I say seems to irritates my 13 year old. She self harms, so I feel like I'm always walking on eggshells. I am so scared of saying the wrong thing. I want her to be able to talk to me and tell me what's bothering her, or is on her mind, but it just seems to always come...
  6. C

    Are psychiatrists the least effective of mental health professionals?

    Psychiatrists the least effective of mental health professionals, says consultant psychologist Psychiatrists are the least effective of all mental health professionals, a consultant clinical psychologist has claimed. In a stinging criticism of the psychiatric profession, Dr Henck van Bilsen...
  7. M

    Sleep patterns

    Has anybody managed to sort their sleeping patterns out? And if so, how? And, do you think they can be sorted out with self discipline alone? Thanks
  8. prairiechick

    Anyone else out there bulimic?

    Or am I the only one? I feel so ashamed and intimidated by all the anorexia threads, because I am fat, it's not just the way I see myself. I have problems with compulsive overeating, and sometimes binging and purging. I feel so ashamed because I have absolutely no self-control or discipline...