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  1. T

    Update on myself...

    So, about an week ago i was believing in unreal stuff: i was cursed, i was being controlled, having existencial crisis and more... All these thoughts won't stop popping on my head but i try to regain my consciousness of reality and they seem to disappear for somd time. Now i'm trying to ignore...
  2. vanish

    Do you see me?

    I feel like I am slipping away off the edge where Asher, the redman and the Others live. These are all entities my psychiatrists try to tell me aren't real, except in my own mind. I know nobody sees me disappear. I put a shout out for help but nobody heard or saw a thing. Thank you for letting...
  3. U

    Feeling want to disappear from entire world

    Do you feel like your parents want to using you as slave? Because I feel like it.I lost my dad before I was born, then I be fed by my grandparents because my mother have new hasband when I'm in grade 6.My grandparents rather old-fashioned, they want me to study and get A+ in every single...
  4. S


    My tv and phone keep on sending me messages there all the time I can see the codes I can't handle this just want to disappear hide runaway disappear
  5. V

    Tired of crying

    Went to the supermarket today. Didn't stop crying until just before I got to the checkout. I suppose that part's good at least. I guess it was nice that there were no nasty stares.. Only a few weird glances. Part of me wished that someone would have asked me if I was ok so I could have stopped...
  6. S

    Can't do this

    Feel so lost mixed up all the time I can't handle this just want to disappear keep on thinking about just disappearing my heads all over the place the voices are really loud screaming at me all the time nothing makes sense anymore can't tell anyone anything dont trust them I keep on trying to...
  7. Fluffymum

    Life I just don't enjoy, children I can't raise, I want to just let it all out

    Life I just don't enjoy, children I can't raise, I want to just let it all out I don't enjoy anything, we're currently on a walk to the park in the sunshine with my 3 children one who was born 4 weeks ago. My husband is supportive but doesn't understand how I feel I'm just sitting here wishing...
  8. I

    wanting to disappear

    Hi I feel like going to a park with a sleeping bag hiding in a bush and disappearing going missing I really don't want to be here anymore
  9. Y

    Why don't I matter ?

    Why can't I find a friend who will be there for me , who won't disappear when I tell them how I really feel, why do I have to pretend and hide how I really feel, so that they feel better ? , who helps me to feel better ? No one that's who ! This is so exhausting " I'm fine " " yes I'm ok " when...
  10. N

    When will antipsychotics work?

    I have just started being treated for pyschosis using antipsychotic medication. How long will it take for the hallucinations I experience to go away? Will they suddenly disappear ? Or will they slowly fade away? Will the voice become quiter? Or will it reduce in frequency?
  11. 6

    Chest burning-citalopram

    Increased citalopram from 20 to 40mg today. And my tummy hurt off and on all day...sort of an odd piercing pain but not severe, uncomfortable. And my chest hurts now a bit,near my heart. From the dose increase? It could be anxiety too though my anxiety isn't normally very bad. So down today...
  12. BigAma

    Do you see Lights and lines too?

    I always see transparent lines and floating lights lines that move and then disappear, especially when I look at the blue sky. Does anyone else see this and do know what it is? I think I might be seeing the neurons firing in the back of my head.
  13. W


    I'm the lowest I've been for a really long time & I don't know what to do. I can't cope anymore. I just want out. Someone to take me away & make it all disappear. I love my kids & my family & friends so why do I feel so worthless & alone? I don't understand.
  14. blacksmoke

    dont know what is wrong

    i dont know what is going on with me tonight. i feel so bleak. dont know who to talk to. my friend who i normally turn to when i am like this ...i have taken a break from as she completely overwhelmed me the other day. there is just too much dysfunction in her life and i am pretty sure she...
  15. PrettyGreenEyes

    I'm getting worse...

    I was diagnosed with depression and bpd as well as self harming and whatever else I have wrong with me. I'm getting worse and worse, the feeling of not wanting to be here, no one caring about me and not being able to do anything right. I always mess everything up. I have no interest in...
  16. V

    What can I say

    I want to kill myself but I don't want to die. Does that even make sense? I just really am struggling with my depression and suicidal thoughts. It's overwhelming. I'm doing everything I'm supposed to do to treat my depression, but nothing works. I just want to disappear.
  17. Fairy Lucretia

    i want to disappear competely

    im sad im unhappy im suicidal 80 per cent of the time other than dying how can i just fall off the face of planet earth? i could change my name and my appearance and move to another part of the world but im a child so i cant do that im beyond stuck ,its horrible ,i dont know what to do there...
  18. dubblemonkey

    my birdbath

    ...there are too many things about me that are very terrible... and mis-understood is what I do ...and it's as simple as the tiny cute birds who choose to spend their time in my birdbath! I feed these delightful little creatures with bread crumbs... and everyday the smallest little birds...
  19. J

    trying destroy myself

    think I been trying to destroy myself this year since my granddad has died and let my mental health problems get better of me I've been scared to face my problems so. been dealing with it with alcohol , I have no friends or support and feel let down by family and people around me. feel left...
  20. S

    Bad Thoughts Beford Period Is Due

    Nearly every time the day before my period is due I get very low in mood, suicidial and bad thoughts enter my mind. My inner voice tells me to act impulsively, last month I cut a section of my hair and this month I cancelled my place at university because I was feeling low in self-esteem. The...