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  1. I


    Hi, ive just joined the forum. Ive suffered from chronic recurring depression for years now and im suicidal at the moment, ive got a good social worker and have told him the situation. I dont like calling the crisis team out, so im desperate Im also disabled which doesn.t help. Ive no friends...
  2. D

    disability cuts

    Disabled people and carers face '£9bn welfare cut' A disabled parking space More than 2.5m people receive incapacity benefit or employment support allowance Disabled people will be hit with more than £9bn in welfare cuts over the next five years, a think tank has warned. Demos suggests the...
  3. S

    Two disabled kids sent good man over the edge

    Hi, I want to get some information on how to go about petitioning for full time care for disabled children and a care center for carers with burnout. My sister and her husband have three children two who are disabled, wheelchair bound and at 14 and 9 still need nappy changes and feeding /...
  4. R

    Name and Shame

    I hope this doesnt offend anyone here but I wanted to say something about Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge. I should say that the treatment I have received there is first class but my problem is with the grounds management. When I went for my psychiatrist appointment today I left early to...
  5. A

    "Alternatives Beyond Psychiatry"

  6. A


    Hello, I Anna and am 36. I live in Dorset. I have three daughters and a hubby and keep loads of reptiles!:) I have had depression on/off most my life. I have experienced it in and after pregnancy also. I am on sertraline 150 for OCD which I have had for 15 years now. This drug has really...
  7. P

    New Here-borderline

    I am 27 and live in NY. I have borderline pd and bipolar. was hospitalized back in 1996 and was at a treatment facility for people with borderline. I work nights t a group home for developmentally disabled people and have a BS in social work/human services. I live in NY with my mom and her...
  8. M

    believe sister is BPD but won't admit, how to help

    our family is twisted up around my sister's behavioral disorder. mood swings, rages, lies, hoarding... we are all adults, mother elderly.... 1 brother disabled... we are all caregivers... sister living in with them.... i live next door....it's becoming daily torment. How to approach her, do i...
  9. S

    Hello from ISRAEL...

    Hi, I had two psychotic disorder episodes, I'm completing my M.B.A. degree now, I'm the board member and a founder of "Malam" (an Israeli organization supporting and representing those dealing with mental disabilities). I run and maintain the organization's website and created the page...
  10. insomnia


    I wonder if anyone can help me, in my local paper a few weeks ago this man was given a disabled pass, a new thing, because although he was disabled you couldnot tell to look at him he was, so now the powers that be have come up with a new pass, just wondered if anyone knew what it is called, and...