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  1. A

    New and looking for help

    Im Andy I'm looking to be pointed in the right direction to find help for my anxiety
  2. Mr.NiceGuy

    Heard whispers wrong before

    Voices can be hard to interpret because they often piggy back on sound waves around you and become indistinct. Have you ever misinterpreted what voices said to you and steered your thinking in the direction it points?
  3. Kerome

    Is humanism a religion?

    I have gotten interested in humanism as a direction because one of my uncles attends a humanist circle. It's a somewhat ill-defined philosophical direction though, and it makes me wonder if it could be considered a religious movement. Humanism - Wikipedia TheHumanist.com Even non-theism and...
  4. S

    F****d. F****d. F****d.

    Everything is fucked. My pay has been fucked up. I now can't move out. I can't afford therapy. My relationships with people are beyond fucked up. I have no money. I have no friends. Guys can't put up with how I am. Or they just take what they want from me with or without my permission. I have no...
  5. C

    How I feel...

    Hi everyone... hoping that I can get things off my chest. Had a bad time over the last 18 years, but I'm now finally feeling the brunt of it. I have struggled against adversity, rage, homelesness, hunger, prison and so much more to get myself sorted. At 21 I fought alcholism, my 21st birthday...
  6. L

    Mental Disorder Mapping

    Is anyone aware of any research related to the mapping of mental health diagnosis in different communities? I'd like to see how and where people with particular are clustered. For instance, we have general data that says people in the Pacific Northwest are prone to depression which results in a...
  7. P

    The wolves taught me how to be perfect.

    With their dumb shit that is. Their stupid ideas and desires. Their reasonings. Their goals. It's everything i need to know to be perfect. They are everything not to be and do and why not to. Nessecary info id say. It's why there are two tiers here. One gives it to the other and they...
  8. O

    Struggling with emotions

    Hi everyone, I have suffered from anxiety and depression for 6 years now due to many different factors of my life and have recently been diagnosed with bipolar. I have of recent been extremely down, I have no motivation, it has gotten to the point where j can't get out of bed anymore I just lay...
  9. B

    Hearing voices?

    I don't know where to put this so I've come here, I have already been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and I'm currently beginning treatment for possible psychosis. I hear voices, one of them is a male voice and that is the loudest one, he tells me really negative things that aren't very...
  10. blacksmoke

    old ghosts come a haunting

    been at my parents earlier. and had my bro and his wife and their younger son age 24 and his daughter 4 years old. first time i have seen this niece! too long a story to ever go into. really nice day. if i wasn't managing the anxiety and depression. sometime later my sister-in-law and my bro...
  11. A

    I can't live with myself much longer

    Im a 19 year old guy that has been diagnosed with severe depression in the past, ive had this 'episode' for close to a year now.. Ive been on citalopram for 5 months (40mg) in which it had honestly done nothing for me, no side effects starting or stopping, and I stopped without consulting my gp...
  12. C

    Postnatal depression

    Can anyone point me in the direction of where I could talk about it x
  13. U

    Brain pokes me and moves around, Need a solution its getting out of control.

    Brain pokes me and moves around, Need a solution its getting out of control. I am sick of having this issue with my brain getting hurt and moving around everywhere in my brain literally... medication isnt working like they always say it will please someone point in the direction to fix this :(
  14. dubblemonkey

    borderline means everything misunderstood

    ...I went over there...I had a look! I changed direction....and had another look! I stopped moving! and it was impossible to stop feeling what I looked at! ...it seemed for a moment that I might survive...being this way! ...and yet!...certain mis-adventures proved to be bullshit.. whatever...
  15. L

    Social Anxiety?

    So, I'm a 20 year old male university student (recent transfer from community college) and I've been having a lot of issues with anxiety lately. To be more specific, whenever I go out in public I feel like almost everyone is silently judging or staring at me or if I walk past a group of people...
  16. valleygirl

    NSF Cheque

    I had an NSF cheque on Aug. 31 that I didn't know about, and it cost me $45. I thought the payment had gone through, but it hadn't. I am already stressed to the max with finances, and now that NSF cheque on top of everything else. With all the bills I still have to pay this month, that leaves...
  17. F

    Losing weight-the need for good sleep

    I definitely think getting a goodish night's sleep is part of the answer. Bought a sleep mask and slept better though woke up with a headache due to mask being tight(obviously when they said unisex they meant including men with small heads. It was difficult to find one meant for men specifically...
  18. B

    Hello from Surrey

    Hi, I'm a 38yo mum of 2 that has only recently been diagnosed with BPD after suffering with repeating bouts of crippling depression since I can remember. I suspect I also have PTSD but still haven't been able to open up about that. I'm really struggling right now so was pointed in this...
  19. J

    Not sure if I'm in the right place..

    I'm here because I'm looking for support as someone who is a caregiver to a person with mental illness. My boyfriend has been struggling with depression and anxiety for 20 years and was most recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder. It is taking a toll on me and I'm just looking for some support...
  20. E

    Got it in to my head that I'd left the iron on

    Today I went to meet my mum by train, I'd gone about 15 miles in one direction & she'd come about 100 miles in the other direction to meet in the 'middle' (her train does go faster than mine), anyway I got it in to my head that I'd left the iron on, I couldn't remember the precise moment I...