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  1. N

    Feeling that other people are "difficult"

    I keep trying to balance my views of other people in my mind, because normally I really am quite balanced about other people. I prefer to see people as shades of grey and complex characters because this is what makes me feel at peace and I also think it is more accurate. But I keep going into...
  2. A

    Struggling with depressed husband

    Hi all, I'm new and looking for halo and advice on living with a depressed husband. He's pushing me away and I'm finding it difficult. Feeling selfish even writing this as this isn't about how I feel but I want him better and don't know how to behave ..... Any one else here having similar issues?
  3. E

    Voice Hearing Meal Plans

    I would like this thread to be a place to put meal ideas using foods that change brain chemistry for the better. For example, if you research foods that fight stress and anxiety you may get: For depression you may get: Voices often get more difficult with increased stress or depression, so...
  4. C

    strangers aren't all bad

    Hey Just been out to takeaway next door. Seems talking to strangers not so difficult!
  5. M

    impulsive act= disgusted with self.

    There are 9 symptoms associated with Borderline Personality Disorder, which fit into 4 categories. --->Borderline Personality Disorder Demystified - symptoms It is within the second category (Impulsive behaviors that are harmful to you or to others.) that i am having trouble. I admit that i...
  6. P

    Scared about taking time off from work

    I've been in my job for 3 months now and have already taken four shifts off sick. One was a 2 hour shift in my first month, another was a 2 hour shift my second month and I've just had yesterday and today off (a 5 hour shift and another 2 hour shift). Is that really bad? My mental health has...
  7. D

    Going out alone

    I suffer from Social Anxiety and going out on my own is really difficult. I can go to certain familiar places on my own, at the time of day when I know it's not going to be busy, but if I need to go somewhere unfamiliar or even somewhere familiar but during a busy time I need someone with me...