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  1. B

    2 Months Off Medications

    I stopped taking medications 2 months ago. My main problem is insomnia, but it's due to the fact that I was on risperidone for too long despite the insomnia side effect. To anybody who has insomnia for long periods of time, say, more than a month and I mean acute insomnia, you'd better do...
  2. U

    Ask me anything....

    I am new, as you can probably tell already. I have always found it hard to talk to people I do not know, in a personal setting. At work when it comes to dealing with customers I can be friendly and helpful, but it is exhausting and I even need to relax at work after a difficult customer or a...
  3. E

    awful therapy session

    I had my first therapy session the other day. (after months of chasing them up) I am sad to say that it was a disappointment. 1hr of time wasted. Why? Simply because the therapist interrupted me a number of times and spoke about themselves. Some may see this as her trying to relate to me, but...
  4. D

    Are our governments, the system and our way of life creating the anxiety and depression we have?

    Are our governments, the system and our way of life creating the anxiety and depression we have? I ask myself everyday why mental health in the UK is such a big issue. As a sufferer i cant help but think that a lot of my anxiety is caused by things that are out of my control and just wondered...
  5. A

    Going through a really difficult time including suicidal thoughts

    Hi everyone im new to the forum here and wanted to get involved and help people as much as i can and also learn coping mechanisms what others are going through, how you learn to control things and just all in all make friends and general help. I have suffered with anxiety and depression for many...
  6. H

    I can't seem to stop crying..

    Firstly, I'm sorry if I'm posting under the wrong category. I'm just in real need for advice.. So, it's currently 2:04 AM where I'm at, and I've been crying since around 6ish. It all started when I accidentaly broke a table top worthing almost 10 mil (rupiah) earlier today during a photoshoot...
  7. 6


    If my counselor mentions mindfulness and CBT one more time to me I might throw something at him. Everytime I see him he says "did we go over some mindfulness exercises to try?" YES WE HAVE EVERYTIME in the last 9 months that I have been seeing you. GAH. obviously I need a new counselor. Why...
  8. T

    Dealing with self harm and how to stop

    Hi again! Looking for some advice into self harm and how to stop doing it, so I might as well jump in to it then! For as long as I know I've self-harmed on many occasions. Im not sure when i began this behaviour maybe around 10 or something, but I remember my anxiety problems got a little bad...
  9. I

    feel like im getting worse

    Hi I'm ever so sorry to rant on but I just feel like I'm getting worse and not well enough to work anymore which is ovbs not helping as I don't feel I'm working as my normal. Self ability.the Dr said if I don't improve or get worse there put me in hospital for my safety but I'm just finding...
  10. R


    Hello, I'm new to this forum. The past year was difficult for me and I'm a having a bit of difficulties dealing with my feelings. Thank you for accepting me to your forum!
  11. Fairy Lucretia

    abnormal freak

    my best friend in the whole world-only friend now really , said she would only be my friend still if i go to groups ,i just don't know if i can im not ready ,i cant even face the thought of going there alone in the taxi and being surrounded by strangers. a friend last week told me she couldn't...
  12. S

    Hello to everyone

    Hi. I have had a difficult few months for various reasons and am here to try to find some clarity and to re-discover the person that I know I can be. I'm hopeful about the journey ahead.
  13. Fairy Lucretia


    i think being alone all the time is making my mental health much worse before she died mummy was with me 24/7 but now i am completely alone apart from when my aunty visits me twice a week she has recently had cancer and has heart problems and diabetes and is 88 so im sad to say i do not see her...
  14. H

    Family have cast me out (very long post)

    I want to start this post saying that my sister and I have always had a very difficult relationship. When we were younger I used to idolise her and as we started growing up, I noticed that she was quite manipulative and controlling in her behaviours which started this awkward and difficult...
  15. valleygirl

    My Mom Is In The Hospital

    I got an email from my dad about an hour ago telling me that my mom had to go to the hospital last night with chest pains that went up her neck and to her ear. They did an ECG and a bunch of blood tests to determine if she had had a heart attack. It looks like she didn't have a heart attack...
  16. C

    How do you practice self care?

    When it comes to MI I hear a lot of people talk about 'self care' when one is particularly struggling. I have to say that this is something I've never really thought of myself - often when feeling low or anxious it becomes too difficult to think clearly enough about what I can do to care for...
  17. H

    Hello out there

    Hello I'm an English bloke of about 50, I've suffered from depression ever since I was about 8 years old. It's had a knock-on effect on life too. I'm actually quite well at the moment but isolated. Thought i'd come and say hello on these forums and try and feel more connected. Wishing any one...
  18. S

    Here to meet people

    Hi all. Pleased to meet everyone. Many fellow sufferers of a mental health issue I'm sure :) I was diagnosed with an emotionally unstable personality in 2012, which made sense from trauma during middle child years. I am married 5 years to my beautiful wife and we have a lovely 2 year old...
  19. B

    Dealing with difficult people

    I am having coffee with a friend today, she is not always to most thoughtful. We had a fight because I have a meltdown and forgot to do something for her, she then had to do it herself. We are both graduating in a few weeks and she wants us to talk before we both leave town. I am not sure how...
  20. F

    Is it all in the brain? An inclusive approach to mental health

    For many years, the prevailing view among both cognitive scientists and philosophers has been that the brain is sufficient for cognition, and that once we discover its secrets, we will be able to unravel the mysteries of the mind. Recently however, a growing number of thinkers have begun to...