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  1. C

    Difficult therapist

    Is anyone out there who feels that some therapists are really difficult or its only me who feels like that.. Is it my fault that I find every other therapist difficult to deal with?
  2. B

    In denial?

    Hi guys I have very recently received a diagnosed of Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder - Impulsive Type. Although I do show a couple of traits of BPD (among other things), I'm finding it very difficult to see myself in/relate to the diagnosis. Is it common for people to be in denial?
  3. W

    Everyone goes through the voices especially when we about to die.

    Those with schizophrenia understand how hard it is to deal with the voices. Most of the subjects deal with ones core which is your belief. Some of us have survived the attacks others have died. The reason I am telling you the following information is because schizophrenics understand better than...
  4. J

    I don't know where to start again

    I joined this forum today in the hope I would find people to talk to that understand, though as I begin to write... I think to myself, how will that even help? What's the point? Haha! I have bipolar disorder and they keep throwing the bpd thing at me recently in the hope it might stick. I am not...
  5. Shadow-one

    I'm in a very bad place emotionally (bpd)

    I feel so stupid.... I find it very very difficult to trust anyone.. It stems from my bpd plus I tried to talk to adults in 'authority' when I was a child about my difficulties at home and was never heard... nobody listened.. So after a year and a half I have built up a relationship with my...
  6. M

    CBT treatment in the UK

    I recently visited our local 'wellness team' and was offered (again) CBT for my now quite severe OCD. I found the counselor patronising and not wanting to listen, more interested in form filling and telling me what I should be doing. I don't want to return for another appointment, as I felt so...
  7. G

    hello, new here.

    Hello everyone, was officially diagnosed with anxiety in 2014. This year was officially diagnosed with cptsd & mdd. Had these disorders my entire life from childhood abuse, since birth. I just never received professional help. Now, starting my recovery by starting therapy. Its been really...
  8. S


    Hello I am new here, but not new to depression Its three oclock in the morning and Im exhausted but cant sleep Am using TA to get well Finding it really effective, but very much a steep learning curve. Hate hurting other people Wanting to die, but not being able to for a million reasons is...
  9. Shadow-one

    Had A Crappy Day

    I feel like screaming till I can't anymore... if anyone can understand that.. I have had a crap day. Started off with stress family wise at home.. so left feeling angry, racing heart & trouble breathing. It wasn't even that what happened was so bad - its just emotionally I go from zero to like...
  10. H

    I want help ...please ....

    Hello everyone...iam 20 old guy from nepal and I have been suffering from generalised anxiety disorder. . . . . . . since our country is not much developed like western one. ..but also I have however managed to make a tight decision to stay in contact with you peps. ...I have got an intense fear...
  11. M

    What is the best approach to dealing with difficult patients?

    All areas of nursing involve difficult patients but those working within the mental health discipline are more exposed to this than others. Difficult patients require specific handling. My question is what are best approaches to dealing with difficult patients?:low:
  12. shaky

    Definitely Hypomanic

    Yep, hypomanic today. Got up about 4:30am Wrote loads and loads Achieved tons Been talking nineteen to the dozen It's ten fifteen now and I am going to try to go to bed - I need it Also going to try to take some Risperidone - but that is more in doubt I find it VERY difficult to take that stuff...
  13. Fairy Lucretia

    not suited to life

    im not like everyone else life isnt for me i cant cope with what is expected i know i have to die its just getting the courage to go through with it i cry so much lately i dont think i will ever stop its making other people see how bad you feel thats difficult and makes me worse i dread...
  14. W


    Hi, This is the first time I have spoken about my condition apart from my wife. 16 years ago whilst serving in the military I suffered a sever head injury after an attack, when I woke up in the hospital I found myself an onlooker unable to control what I said . I quickly regained control but was...
  15. W


    Hi, This is the first time I have spoken about my condition apart from my wife. 16 years ago whilst serving in the military I suffered a sever head injury after an attack, when I woke up in the hospital I found myself an onlooker unable to control what I said . I quickly regained control but was...
  16. S

    ESA Tribunal, where to get representation?

    I am waiting for a date for my tribunal, as my ESA was stopped because I did not attend a medical due to the fact that I was seeing my therapist that day. Its pretty difficult to be in two places at one time and anyway, my therapist said there was no way I should be driving in the mess I was in...
  17. M

    Feeling so low

    Hi I'm feeling so low and that everything is getting on top of me ! ! Last May I was diagnosed with breast cancer , my dad died last June I'm now looking after my elderly mum who has dementia and my brother my only sibling is being very difficult verbally and physically abusing me . Really...
  18. W

    One whole week ssri free :)

    I've got through the first 7 days of my cold turkey withdrawal from sertraline. I'm pleased to have made it this far. This is the longest i've been without medication in 6 years :grin: I know what im doing is not recommended and it has been difficult (...but im so happy to have got this far)...
  19. J

    Please Don't Call Us "Difficult To Engage"

    Hi. I hope it's okay to post the link to a piece I wrote last week for the Huffington Post about people who MH services sometimes describe as "difficult to engage". I was categorised as someone who was difficult to engage and so it's an issue which I feel strongly about. I now run a Suicide...
  20. Sad Lady


    I have come from another forum where i felt there was so much competition over who is worse off and how if one person can work, we all should, that type of issue. There was too much friction there and i cannot be around it at the moment. I had been on that forum for a long while and i may go...