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  1. M


    Has anyone ever had yeast infection like symptoms while diagnosed with schizophrenia? I do. My primary care doctor said it was a psychiatric problem. It goes away sometimes when I'm at the store but it's just all really difficult. When I isolate myself it returns.
  2. S

    Thinking about splitting from my boyfriend.

    We’ve been together about 4 months and we’ve broken up several times already. Yesterday I think I figured out why. I suspect he has Antisocial Personality Disorder and possibly a Psychopath, (his own mother has called him a Sociopath in front of me) but not sure about that because he got...
  3. K

    Loosing my mind....help

    Hi I don’t really post on here much but here goes... I have been diagnosed with OCD, depression, and anxiety. Im a university student living at home with my mum and brother (I was living at uni but my flat mates got tired of my depression and asked me to move out~ they weren’t very nice...
  4. Y

    Hi! My name is Pixie... And Adrienne

    Hey guys. I've been a member before I think, but I lose details and I am starting over fresh this year anyway. My name is Pixie, I'm about to turn 28. I've had social anxiety since I was a very young child. I have been agoraphobic since my teens, and being out in public on my own has always been...
  5. L

    Brother with schizophrenia

    Hello, my brother was diagnozed of paranoid schizophrenia about four years ago. He was 16 then. With difficulties but he managed to finish school (he didn't have to pass the exams). Now he's studying since mother wants him to have a degree or at least manage to do something in life but it is...
  6. F

    Hi new to the forum

    Hi my names Matt from the United Kingdom. I have depression and find day to day life very difficult so much so I have attempted to take my life twice. There isn't really much more for me to say here about me looking forward to getting to know you all.
  7. Kerome

    Are you ready to do regular work?

    Here’s a question for you all: how do you know whether you are ready to go back to work, and whether you are able to do a certain job? I’m finding it difficult to answer this one. Currently I’m doing a series of job interviews, and its for quite a demanding job, involving difficult technical...
  8. H

    Tips on how to fight tremors?

    Hello! Within the past 2 weeks my anxiety has progressively worsened and has now given me constant tremors which make it difficult to function properly. The tremors are in my arms (biceps downwards) and throughout my legs. The tremors are always there but I don't really bother about it, however...
  9. A

    Suicidal (hope it's ok to say that)

    But it's true. Spent a little while talking to staff, but it hasn't helped. Didn't help that after I'd talked to him, he told the next person that he was parched and did he want a cup of tea? I felt left out. There's so much I want to say but can't. About to take my nightly meds. Have...
  10. Q

    Difficult morning

    So difficult to get up and motivated this morning but need to my kids have to go to school such an effort i hate depression. Have an appointment with doctor later hopefully they dont put me back in hospital i cant go back in my family needs me
  11. A

    Depression relapse

    Hi all, I have been coping with anxiety and depression for about a year now after I found out my daughter was being sexually abused by her brother. She has had counselling and seems to be coping well for now. I however and am still finding it really difficult. I'm at a low point today where I...
  12. Prairie Sky

    Hello from across the pond.

    As my "name" suggests, I live in rural western Canada, under the endless, beautiful prairie sky. My childhood was difficult and I have struggled with depression all my life. Last February, at age 25, I was hospitalized and diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder. Since then it has been a painful...
  13. A

    Possible Bipolar Disorder ? - Help!

    Hello all, this is my first post in a mental health forum...I am grateful for any support/advice on my situation with my partner. We have been together for three years and in these three years there have been three "episodes" (I don't have a better word for them), in which his character changed...
  14. Kerome

    Standing up for yourself

    I've started a difficult conversation with my father, about how he can sometimes be very sharp and unsupportive, which is sometimes hurtful to both myself and my mother. It's been quite liberating so far, to articulate feelings I've had for a long time but have been unable to express, usually...
  15. L

    Hello hello hello

    So yeah, this is me. Another newbie, but not new to using online help forums. I guess I should say a little about me, I'm 37, live with my partner, we have 4 kids and 2 cats and I'm finding life very, very difficult at the moment.... So hopefully I can find some help and support here. I'll...
  16. J


    I have had problems lately with suppressed pain resurfacing all at the same time and it's extremely overwhelming. Everything from problems from childhood, to my grandfather passing, my miscarriage and previous issues with jealousy in my marriage. I don't know if it's depression, or if it's been...
  17. E

    I am in trouble with my landlord

    This flat is rubbish & it's mostly down to the landlord, I do admit however that due to my mental health problems I have extremely low energy levels & as such doing housework is difficult & I don't manage to be "on top of it", now I am getting warnings telling me what I can & can't do & it's...
  18. X

    Hello, I'm New

    Hello, I'm new. I enjoy writing, art, and reading. I have depression and anxiety, and I feel very sad alot of the time. Just having a very difficult time emotionally/mentally. Thank you for having me.
  19. D


    Hi, My boyfriend, who's currently struggling with a psychotic episode, keeps on trying to isolate himself from me, his family, his friends, and everyone that loves him. We are all finding it very difficult, and I personally have no idea how to cope with this. He keeps on nearly breaking up...
  20. Rustie

    Rustie's about

    :respect: Hi. I wanted to talk about social anxiety so i will go there but thought i should introduce myself here first. Female, 42, not working, currently living with a cat who brings me joy when i never thought i would feel it again. I am finding life difficult as always but trying to keep...