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  1. S

    Hello from the UK..

    :flower2 Hi, Hi, it's my first time on a forum like this, found it in Google search and liked what I saw so here I am. I have a rare bone condition which affects my whole body and also server depression and anxiety. I'm not as mobile as I use to be and this is something I'm finding very...
  2. E

    The Holidays are Difficult

    Hello, hope everyone is having a good holiday (if you celebrate). Unfortunately, the holidays are a bit of a difficult time for me. My mom has schizophrenia. I grew up living with her but ran away when I was 17 for my well-being. Haven’t seen her since, but think about her every single day. I...
  3. S

    New here

    Looking for advice in how to help a friend who has OCD. I'm in a difficult situation.
  4. P

    Greetings from California

    Hello, I am here because I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and PTSD many years ago. In the past few years my BD has become quite difficult to control. I'm here with the hope of meeting others who live with mental illness.
  5. V

    Hi! I'm "back"

    Hello all, I'm a 35 year old girl with bpd. Got diagnosed in 2009, after having been depressed for years. Had therapy which helped a lot and left me thinking that I had conquered it. In a way I think I had indeed, but having been single all the time since I came out of it, I didn't really get...
  6. T

    How can i help?

    My sister has been trying for kids for years but been unable to get pregnant. We discovered she had polycystic ovary syndrome (pcos) which was difficult for her, but she was given medication to help her ovulate meaning having kids was still on the table for her. She takes the tablets monthly...
  7. fazza

    Medication review today

    I have to apologise. I have been a bit of a brat. My tone to some of you may have been a little off during the past week. I had a meeting with my cpn today and she is having a review of my meds with the doctor later today. Feeling a little clearer now that i have got a few things off my chest...
  8. B

    good to be here!

    I'm Gabriel, been suffering from anxiety and depression on and off for thirty years. I have battled on through thick and thin but often i feel isolated. at the moment i am experiencing a lot of anxiety which makes my job very difficult. retiring next year. just want to talk to someone who...
  9. G

    Need help with difficult social situation

    Need help with a difficult and rather frustrating situation. I have this very difficult friend. I don't know what to do about it anymore. All I know is that I literally can't spend much time with him because he's very draining of my energy and resources. I've tried to imply as nicely as I can...
  10. little rose

    Other help for trauma possible dissociative disorder and CPTSD

    Hello . I am currently having trauma therapy for my issues and wondered does anyone know of other things or help you can get for trauma issues. I have had chronic trauma and also neglect as a child. I do things to help myself like trying to be self living at times. I use emotional freedom...
  11. shaky

    In the psych hospital

    I've not posted lately cause I am in the psychiatric hospital. It's crap in here. The only good thing you can say about it is that it's difficult to hurt myself in here.(I was brought in because of uncontrollable self harm)
  12. L

    Finding it difficult to cope and be around people

    Hi, I’m finding it really difficult to be around and talk to people. I find I’ve nothing to say anymore. I’ve gone from a sociable person to someone who wants to escape from everyone.
  13. Q

    My most challenging depression

    I'm struggling with some of the worst depression I've had in a very long time. Due to a number of difficult circumstances compounding on my already difficult mental illness I try very hard to take my thoughts off it. I don't want to suffer this wretched malady forever I try to think well...
  14. Fairy Lucretia

    im ashamed of myself

    when im really struggling or have a lot going on i find it difficult to see other peoples pain i wish i was a better person :low:
  15. H

    To "hang in there"

    Do you feel that life's just about "hanging in there"? I think my life doesn't have any meaning... it's all about trying to do whats best, for how I feel and what is wise/right. But it's no real joy, never... But maybe that's how it is, for most adults? When I took a walk earlier, I say a...
  16. A

    Disorganized thought

    My hallucinations and delusions are under control, and the only symptoms I'm struggling with now are disorganized thought and an inability to sit still. I was prescribed Cogentin which makes it easier to sit still, but nothing I've taken has helped with the disorganized thought. The smallest...
  17. Fairy Lucretia


    get into a relationship with me im like a child im difficult and completely messed up when it comes to emotions needy difficult awkward dependent want my own way am constantly suicidal when in a relationship (only been in one) because i can't handle it oh god nobody out there ever wants to be...
  18. N

    Purpose of Joining

    Hi, I have a grown up son who is suffering from sever depression and refuses to see the doc., I need help to deal with him and bring him out of that stat it is almost 6 years he is in that state. He feels someone in the computer trying to destroy his life. Taking to him is too difficult thing as...
  19. DoctorInternet2

    Schizophrenia and noisy neighbours

    I suffer from various mental health problems including delusions and depression, and I have a very noisy female neighbour next to me who doesn't work and likes to be in all the time. I want to move, but it's very difficult for me to motivate myself. She was suppose to be in temporary...
  20. M


    Has anyone ever had yeast infection like symptoms while diagnosed with schizophrenia? I do. My primary care doctor said it was a psychiatric problem. It goes away sometimes when I'm at the store but it's just all really difficult. When I isolate myself it returns.