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  1. C

    withdrawals or lack of maintenance?

    Now then. I woke up this morning feeling like crap. Weekends, I tend to "hibernate" when I got no drink or cigs So, last ate Saturday think it was. What difference is drink withdrawal & lack of food? I'm poor eater anyways so can't tell difference between withdrawals & not eating! Shouldn't...
  2. K

    Therapy conversations...

    I'm seeing a new therapist and am not sure if the conversation is actually normal. I find that she was mostly repeating what I've said about how I feel. I don't find it helpful to be honest. At the end of the session I felt like I just wasted money on things I already knew. Just wondering how...
  3. G

    What helped me

    Hi on my last week of DBT ( dialectical behavioural therapy ) for borderline personality disorder , it's been amazing and fun journey of self discovery and growth , I have to say how I am now compared to what I was when I started is an amazing difference , I have psychs , therapists fellow...
  4. idontwanna


    Hi all, Just introducing myself. 40+ yo male, living on the East Coast of Australia. Always had self-confidence and depression issues since puberty at least (don't remember much before that). Not too sure how much to share or overshare here. So I'll start with a basic share. Having a...
  5. V


    What is the difference between schizophrenic tendency with depression and schizo-affective?
  6. F

    Difference between bipolar disorder and schizoaffective disorder

    Hi everyone, I'm diagnosed with bipolar disorder with psychosis and based in the UK. My question is what is the difference between bipolar disorder and schizoaffective disorder. I have frequent episodes of psychosis even when my mood is stable. My mood is stable right now yet I'm constantly...
  7. F

    Not sure if this is BS or not

    Was given a mini lecture about not turning up for my depot on time a few times lately. According to the nurse with my depot(risperdal consta) if it's a couple of days late the the levels dip and if it happens too many times they have to go back to square one and put you on oral while having the...
  8. M

    Another hypothetical question

    Lets say person a has anxiety and goes to the doctor and is diagnosed with cancer which is non life threatening (if treated immediately) if left it would spread and lead to death - could that person refuse treatment - can they have treatment forced upon them - would it make a difference if the...
  9. S

    why have a seperate schizoeffective forum?

    Ive been diagnosed schizophrenia and depression.which is schizoeffective no?why is there a difference between schizophrenis and schizoeffective in psychiatry and on the forum?
  10. mami5

    Good/Bad Thoughts

    How do you know the difference between good thoughts and bad thoughts??? So confused right now.
  11. G

    Finally Content and Hopeful

    These last two days I have felt hopeful in reading others posts and in researching my diagnosis of BPD. BPD is not a life sentence and can be overcome. Looking forward to doing some hard work with therapy in order to get better. Thank you all for the support and responses. You are making a...
  12. FlowersInYourHair

    Does Lamictal Make You Stupid?

    I've been on Lamictal for the past 2 years and I've noticed a difference in my thinking. I can never think of the right word to say when I'm having a conversation with someone. I'll start talking and then I just can't think of how to finish the sentence so I'll just stop in the middle of it...
  13. T

    medical / psychiatric terms

    hi...can you help me understand those medical terms please ! what is the difference between : depressive disorder nos r/o and depressive disorder nos chronic ? and what is worse ? what is the difference between : personality disorder nos schizold - r/o unstable emotional personality and...
  14. M

    A Christmas thank you

    To me Christmas is a rebirth and this forum is a place for rebirth,too. Thank you to all the people who work to keep this site up and running. Thank you to all who share here, especially those who challenge us to seek healthier lives. Thank you for the compassion that could be the difference...
  15. C

    There's Nothing Selfish About Suicide

    There's Nothing Selfish About Suicide | Katie Hurley I am a survivor of suicide. I don't talk about it a lot these days, as I've reached the point where it feels like a lifetime ago. Healing was a long and grief-stricken process. There were times when I felt very alone in my grief and there...
  16. Grape

    Divorce and mental illness

    My ex husband has cited in our divorce (which is being dragged out on his part), my mental illness. It shouldn't make any difference. It certainly wasn't the reason we parted. Has anyone with mental illness been through divorce and what happened?
  17. bobshocker

    uhhh.. guess whose back or something?

    I don't know. I know moneys a big shit. I'm in so much debt it's amazing. I mean like life changing, but when we ever cared about that? I was diagnosed bipolar, but normal people just don't believe that shit. They don't. You tell them your bipolar, and there like.. Yeh? Whatever. Thing...
  18. B

    Is there any difference between men and women

    If a man starts to exercise the same day with a woman, after a few days man will tend to lose more weight than a woman. does this mean that men burns more calories in their body than a woman?
  19. F


    Nothing serious but quite a lot my inner thighs get wet with a white/off white gunk that smells , for want of a better word. I know my hygiene is not brilliant but having a bath/strip wash doesn't make a difference.
  20. cpuusage

    "Nature VS Nurture" Myth

    Won't make any difference to the 'it's genetic' lot - But still, it's worth posting. This Video Dispels Every "Nature VS Nurture" Myth You've Ever Heard. The Implications are Profound.