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  1. L

    Is this degeneralisation?

    So, im dealing with a complex situation at the moment without detail.. i just came out of an eposode (only three beers.. maybe tipsey) i drew some pictures of what i thought of humanity and visualised myself hanging on a wall.. dead.. with all the words people have ever called me.. and imagined...

    Has anybody tried counselling for schiz?

    I am thinking about getting a counsellor, but just wondering if it will be helpful? Does it make any difference for schizophrenia? It could be helpful to talk about day-to-day issues?
  3. W

    Difference between community MH and primary care MH?

    Im slightly confused to the difference between the two. Or are they the same thing. Asking from the UK
  4. I_Want_Inner_Peace

    How people view you

    To this day, I still struggle with what is okay to disclose about myself in a social setting. What's the difference between a toxic person that everyone wants to cut ties from, and a mentally ill person who gets PSAs dedicated to them saying "end the stigma, reach out to them"? Like I feel there...
  5. cpuusage

    Cause of Death Unknown

    Doesn't / Won't make any difference - Cause of Death: Unknown
  6. kdenton65

    Alternative treatments for GAD

    Has anyone tried herbal remedies for GAD or depression? I have just started taking Ashwaganda 450mg twice a day and a magnesium supplement. I am about to add a blend of DMAE, Rhodiola Rosea, Bacopa Monnieri, Phosphatidylserine, and Ginko Biloba. It is used to boost memory, focus and clarity, and...
  7. R

    New here Hi there

    Hi I'm Rachel 12 I'm new to this forum, I have been diagnosed with emotionally unstable personality disorder is there any difference between this and BDP? All comments wellcome and thanks for reading this.
  8. SomersetScorpio

    Escitalopram vs. Citalopram?

    It's been a while since i've been on here. Hope everyone I know here has been keeping well, or at least hanging in there. So, has anybody had experience of both citalopram and escitalopram? (Not at the same time, obviously). I've been on citalopram for 7 years. It's ok for depression, but...
  9. W

    Difference between being informal and sectioned inpatient

    hi guys I was just wondering the difference between being an informal and sectioned inpatient? I have been an informal inpatient before but now I'm being sectioned. Is there any difference in the way you are treated? Thanks :)
  10. B

    voices inside and outside

    What's the difference between inside your head voices and outside your head?
  11. S

    Recently Diagnosed

    2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with PTSD It made sense it was nice to finally have some kind of answer i hate that i have it i hate that that's what they did to me that i had a friend ask yesterday one i was very proud in actually talking to she asked me 'what did they do to you' when i'm not ready...

    Become a modernist or stick to traditional values?

    We live in a modern world. It is vastly different to older times. Even 30 years ago, it is a massive difference. Do the old traditional values still have a place or should we become modernist? To be a modernist you embrace the modern world, you use credit, you bet online, you dabble in porn...
  13. 6

    hallucination question - HELP

    Pdoc says one of the reasons he thinks I am on the bipolar spectrum is because my hallucinations don't line up with the psychosis related to unipolar depression. I was tried to google comparisons of the two and I can't seem to find the info I need. I have never been one to think quickly on my...
  14. A

    Relapse anxiety

    Ill try to keep it as short as possible this time. I left school during my last year of A levels (college) due to depression. One year later, I'm feeling better and have learnt to cope with it although it's still mild I am able to perform tasks I then thought were impossible such as studying. I...
  15. T

    Vitamins for Schizophrenia

    What do people think about taking vitamins to treat or prevent Schizophrenia? Has anyone tried the recommended vitamins for Schizophrenia? Did you feel any difference? Ones on the website say: Sarcosine D serine Melatonin (I thought this was a naturally occurring chemical in the brain...
  16. amathus

    6 Signs of Hidden Depression.

    1. They have unusual sleep, eating or drinking habits that differ from their normal ones. When a person seems to have changed the way they sleep or eat in significant ways, that’s often a sign that something is wrong. Sleep is the foundation of both good health and mental health. When a person...
  17. S

    The big question. Could I have got better?

    Could I have got better? Could it have made a difference not to drug me? I've come across a few people on forums that the drugs didn't work for and they slowly made a recovery. Could it have made a difference not to drug me? What I have now doesn't feel like I made a recovery at all.
  18. Poopy Doll

    Intuition versus Logic

    I hope this topic is of interest. I am being told by a spiritual teacher that Intuition is greater than Logic. But the Intuition is like a still, small voice I can barely discern and it resembles Worry, so how could I know the difference?? Plus, learning to have Critical Thinking with Logic is...
  19. E

    my therapist's employer won't give her permission to see me at her private practice at a discount rate

    my therapist's employer won't give her permission to see me at her private practice at a discount rate my therapist's employer won't give her permission to see me at her private practice at a discount rate. In order to afford the next 6 months or more, I really need to discount my therapy. I...
  20. M

    Tomorrow a home visit

    Hi thanks for messages today i saw the consultant and we discussed my scan yesterday and just need to wait for the results but going to change antidepressant i am taking tomorrow any way, also time of the ward. So tomorrow i am going home to spend some time there to see how i cope i am feeling...