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  1. Fairy Lucretia

    im so very scared

    my aunt was 90 on boxing day she has had a cold for 4 weeks she had the flu jab so i don't understand what if she dies :cry:
  2. Fairy Lucretia

    please kill me

    im going to be left all alone and when my aunt dies i won't cope there is no hope for me x
  3. H

    My dog is old

    I know my dog is going to die soon. He's currently the avg age his breed dies. He has health problems. I don't know what I'm gonna do. I cry until I make myself sick over it already. He's always been my best friend. I have social anxiety and it is really hard for me to connect with people but he...
  4. Solitude1


    Pray for me so that either I die or the one who's taking my soulmate, my life away from me dies
  5. F

    Want to support aFriend that hears voices and seems to have multiple person aliases.

    Want to support aFriend that hears voices and seems to have multiple person aliases. My boyfriend, quite possibly EX now, hears and converses with people that are not there. There has been mention of rape, possible trauma that caused this, not sure. He also has stated that he has died and...
  6. J

    life after death?

    My nan died recently and I'm struggling to cope with it I just doesn't seem to be sinking in that she's actually gone. But I was wondering what other people think happens after someone dies is there an after life or is that it ....?
  7. RainbowHeartz

    do you believe...

    ...that when someone dies that they can watch over the living?
  8. A

    grieving the loss of dead celebrities

    i find i feel a lot worse when a celebrity dies (MJ, amy winehouse, witney) what ever... than i do if someone close to me dies seem to be more attached to them in some way- not sure if it's to do with how people around treat me, or if it's because it's just the way i am.. and i'm just a fan of...
  9. Lincoln1990


    I'm stupid. I'm a stupid b word. I shouldn't have done that. That was so stupid. Now I'm going to wait and see if my puppy dies or not. I'm so scared. I'm a fucking stupid person.
  10. Maloo

    Panic, anxiety, can't breathe

    I just found out my aunty died What's the point on living when everyone dies I can't breathe it's to much!
  11. C

    EXTREME FEAR of father dying! I have no other family member that cares!

    EXTREME FEAR of father dying! I have no other family member that cares! I am 24 years old, female and living in Europe. I have psychological problems: BPD, PTSD, severe anxiety, social anxiety and I often have nightmares. My father is the only person that cares about me and the only biological...
  12. M

    coping with death

    Ok then. So I don't cope. I go on as normal. I refuse all emotional responses from myself. I'm afraid to be weak. Crying was never allowed. I was trained to maintain an "everything is grand" facade and I can't turn it off. Ever. My grandfather is in the hospital with multiple infections in...
  13. oneday

    What happened to the Dr Thomas Szasz dies thread?

    What happened to the Dr Thomas Szasz dies thread? - Was someone being nasty? Can we have it back now please? :) Thanks
  14. madfkaa15

    everybody dies but not everybody lives'8

    can anybody help me? i'm in a really bad frame of mind tonight and just need someone to talk to.
  15. F

    After Soteria House Shooting Victim Dies, Questions Remain