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  1. Fairy Lucretia

    my aunt is soon 90 x

    im going to try and stay calm from now on ,not freak and cry and sh and talk about suicide everyday it will be hard as next year they are leaving us to it but she is a wonderful woman who has helped me so much since mummy died she deserves peace in her last years and im going to try and give...
  2. R

    I feel like she died but she didn't

    My mother's health has gotten really bad and now she has dementia. She was at my place visiting in July and she was not feeling well and had back pains. She just wasn't herself at all. She stayed a few days like she usually did and then said she felt alright and wanted me to take her home so I...
  3. G

    55 years old going insane

    Hello. I joined the forum today.I am a 55 year old male living in London,England.Ive never been married.I live with my 78 year old mother.My father died in 2015 and left a mortgage free house.Basically I was made redundant in 2009 due to the economic crisis and its been downhill ever since.Last...
  4. D

    My BFF died last weekend

    Leanne my best female friend died in her sleep yesterday from a brain haemorrhage. She was my best, best friend. Best. Ever. :cry: My daughter and I are flying out to see her family, close friends to us, and then sometime I will be back to the forum. I apologise for not being here very...
  5. T

    Do you think it's possible I suffer from PTSD (srs)

    My mother died when I was 14, I'm now 25. When it happened I immediately gained a sense of sort of living a "new life" as a different person. It didn't really feel like me. For some months after I became unusually extroverted almost manic. Then started to crash and became more and more anxious...
  6. Fairy Lucretia

    anniversary of mummy's death

    on 2 aug i want to be with her when she died i got so much help from this forum i wouldn't have gotten through without it x
  7. M

    I hate feeling like this!

    Hi everyone, I’m not sure where I even start with this, but I feel like nothing at all is helping me so I’ll try and write here see if it helps. I’ve always been a worrier all my life, but when my mom died it became a lot worse. She died when I was 16 years old, she did of cancer. Ever since...
  8. S

    My dad has died *****TRIGGER*****

    I got a message yesterday to say my dad died on Friday. I don't feel anything because he is a convicted Peadophile.
  9. Dontnowat2doanymore

    feel so alone.

    Hi all. It all started in April 2016 my dad suddenly died. I feel so guilty bout it as I was supposed to go visit the day before but couldn’t as my little one was Ill. So I live with that guilt on a daily basis. Then my brother keeps messaging me saying it’s all my fault my dad died as I didn’t...
  10. W


    Hi my problems started in 1994 because of bullying at work, I work for RM in a very clickly office in the West Midlands, comments like he’s weird, still the same, u can tell, laughing at me, attacking me I,ve been attacked twice one which still effects me today You may ask the question why are...
  11. Poopy Doll

    Margo Kidder passed away

    Does anybody know why Margo Kidder died ?? What Happened To The Original Lois Lane Margot Kidder?
  12. S

    heads all over the place ..

    im 26 my sister died when i was 13, she died in front of me an image i live with everyday, it seems as im getting older im not coping as well as i was when i was younger .. i get upset, angry, etc most days.. now. ive just moved 4 hours away to down south to start a new job i have worked with...
  13. Fairy Lucretia


    was my everything i felt truly happy when he told me he loved me he promised over and over again he would never leave me for one time in my whole life the emptiness was gone and i felt loved but it wasn't real ,he never really loved me im never having a boyfriend again ,it was only online and...
  14. D

    I nearly died and didn't care

    Title says it all really, been under mental health teams for 2 years now and they don't really do much with me. I've got a physical condition called POTS so struggled with mobility for a while then I got a motorbike. Think of it as a really fast mobility scooter. Anyway here I was driving down...
  15. T

    I don't want to kill myself but I have been curious about ways to die recently

    I don't want to kill myself but I have been curious about ways to die recently I have a husband, children, parents, a sister, other family, friends, all who love me. I have no logical reason to want to go but recently I have thought of dying. I don't want to kill myself. I don't think I...
  16. 1

    Losing my sympathy

    I've always been kind of a selfish person and were, in some cases, less emotional than others. For example, sometimes when I see people cry because they miss someone who died a few years ago, I kinda feel like they're lying and doing that for attention because I don't get how you can still miss...
  17. Fairy Lucretia

    lending people money on forums

    i had a friend on the forum who i thought cared for me when mummy left my d a d she got some money from the house we lent my friend over £2000 and they were meant to pay it back monthly but they didn't she just dissapeared and i contacted them when my mummy died and they never replied i feel...
  18. Fairy Lucretia

    sorry to be a nuisance but need help

    im worried sick my aunt has diarreah (can't spell im scared she is going to die do people always die from it? common sense tells me not but mummy had it before she died and died from severe dehydration and organ failure i had it a couple of weeks ago and i think she caught it from me idiot...
  19. K

    Today I told my mother that sometimes I want to die.

    So about six or seven weeks ago my dog died on my sisters 18th birthday. Before that, I was happy, content with where I was in life. But when he died, I started thinking. I'm 27, I work in a warehouse that I don't enjoy, with people I don't like. I get paid $13/hr which is more than most people...
  20. L

    It is ok to hate your parent and you will be happy.

    Hello everyone. I was looking for other people's experiences online, of their parents, and particularly their mothers as I think we're brought up in a culture where it's viewed as wrong or ungrateful to really not have any feelings for them, or care. I'm 38 and I've never truely loved mine...