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  1. P

    Diagnosed with DID but i am unsure.

    Hello I have been diagnosed with DID when i was at university in Brighton. At the time it felt like the first time i had been actually listened to. However i do not seem to have the severe symptoms that i see others have (from my desperate attempts to understand it). Friends have told me i...
  2. C

    Scared all the time

    We post too much stuff recently but What can I do because I feel so scared all the time and like someone is about to hurt me and I have no one to turn to so I just feel all alone and sad and terrified of her father and the house... And I keep on giving everyone panic attacks I feel bad...
  3. C

    Voices/alters forcing me to lose weight.

    Hey My voices/alters tell me that my original personality will be deleted if I don't do what they say (right now they're forcing me to lose weight for them until I am hospitalised). I'm going to "die" whether I follow their rules or not, I have no idea what to do. Does anyone have any advice...
  4. L

    Someone taking over my body...?

    CW: Internalised homophobia Hey there, I’m new here, and I largely made this account just to make this post, as I’m struggling. I’ve been meaning to find somewhere to post this for a while, so here goes. Just to preface this, I don’t need anyone to respond telling me to see a professional, etc...
  5. nomask

    DID and may be getting ECT. Anyone have experiences? (anyone with OSDD-1, too)

    I've begun down the road of trying to get accepted as a candidate for ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) and I have realized I have absolutely no clue how it's going to affect my DID and I've never heard of another persons experience with both. This makes me nervous. I'm not saying I'm worried...
  6. E

    Personality Switches without Names? (PTSD)

    Whenever someone does something that reminds of ways I’ve been treated in the past, I get “triggered” and this “other side of me” takes over. I would say this side is nothing like myself but, I barely know who “I” really am. I just have all these “sides” and while they don’t have names they...