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  1. H

    annoyed at new gp

    i told him i was suicidal 2 weeks every month due to pms and he said nothing about it. he referred me for a screening appt with the pimary mh team as i ask that as i want to do cbt for a separate issue. god knows how long that is going to take. i was going to ask for diazapam or similar to see...
  2. M

    Anxiety Depression & Paleness ..

    I recently relapsed with a major episode of Anxiety/ depression .. I suffered a few years ago and was taking Sertraline 100mg. After 2-3 years i begun to ween off slowly and was completely off everything by mid last year. I actually felt great and got my life back together. However about 3 weeks...
  3. M

    Help needed

    Hi, I'm a new member and although i do have a severe anxiety disorder myself i'm posting in the hope of getting some advice re my daughter as our family is floundering. It is quite complex but i'm desperately hoping someone has some advice as to any direction we can take. She used to take...
  4. C

    anxiety solutions??

    Hi all! Was wondering if any of you have recommendations for meds that actually work?? I read people's experiences with their meds & 99% have problems (addiction etc) While my anxiety is mild, I'm interested to know your opinions on what works/doesn't for you. As a qualified psychologist, I...
  5. H

    My Husband is Worse on Prozac!

    Hi all, New to the forum and at my wits end. Just in oct/nov my husband's anxiety and depression resurfaced. We went to the doctor who describe just a weeks worth of diazapam and said each should come back to get him put on prozac. He felt a lot better following on from this and did not feel...
  6. Cheggersgoespop

    3hrs sleep.

    ive been trying to sleep properly for days now and I think it's counter productive now. I get so stressed about sleeping that I can't do it now! I never had problems while on lithium but I've now just started risperidone and it's awful. The docs gave me diazapam to help me to relax at night...
  7. S

    new meds ..........................again?

    Ok so off to see the pdoc today for some more new tablets! Only thing is i dont think he actually knows what he is dishing out, it just seems like he thinks of a drug then prescribes me it, i feel like a lab rat that they r just testing drugs out on!!!!! Sick to death of it now but know i cant...
  8. raven

    Taken a few too many tablets.

    Well that shows I can still be an absolute idiot. I've had the double glazing guys here all week which has made me very stressed. Today I'd already taken 5 mgs of diazapam. Anyway I've also all week been fighting the urge to overdose, now there isn't really anything new in that. The double...
  9. S

    Community mental health team question?

    Hello, hope someone can help. I have bipolar but don't feel that seeing the CPN and Consultant is doing me much good. How do I negotiate with them that only want to see them once a month and empower myself in my recovery? Also does anyone have thoughts on medication? I take Olanzapine and...
  10. bubbling under

    Bubbling under needs you help or advice pretty please!!!

    <doh> My amitriptyline has run out because I'm stupid and my prescriptions still waiting for me to collect it.....so I've got diazapam but will it help me sleep or am I barking literally up the wrong tree :unsure: