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  1. R

    Dear people who had a late mental diagnoses

    A late diagnoses is like a crappy intrusive step father. It's been absent your whole life and just walts in and dictates how you percieve yourself; how you live and your 'realistic sucess probility'. You are told at age 18, 24 or 50 you have autism, ADHD, aspergers, ect. Maybe a young adult is...
  2. BetaMale

    Have experienced a quarter of the disorders in the DSM

    Diagnoses: Current : Bipolar I disorder, OCD. Also some Schizoid personality disorder, OCPD, ADD. Past: Hoarding disorder, PTSD, BDD, Sexual dysfunctions, psychosis...that's all I can remember for now. Meds: Lithium, risperidone Funny how society's reaction to my diagnoses, i.e., stigma...
  3. A

    Have i been misdiagnosed as having bpd???

    So iam 19 and have been diagnosed with bpd for almost two years but have had symptoms since i was a child. since i was a child i would hallucinate things, here children singing or calling my name in the distance on occasions. But more recently from about the age of 14 i started self harming...
  4. 1


    i dont know if this fits here or else where. Basically asked for my note over 4 months ago and received them yesterday there was over 700 pages and thats only been since the 31/01/17 . So yeh there's been a lot of issues. i had a quick look through my diagnoses this morning as i said to myself i...
  5. C

    getting rid of diagnoses , uk research

    Hello, I have been reading some of recovery in the bins twitter and there seems to be a lot of discussion about a new piece of research that proposes getting rid of diagnoses of mental illness and instead talking about peoples distress and problems in "formulation", which from what i can gather...
  6. E

    Proper diagnoses?

    Hi guys, I'm in the UK and strongly suspect I have BPD or cyclothymia, not sure which - maybe a combination of both, is that's possible. My problem is that in my area, the mental health services are useless. I have recently been in touch with the only free service in my area for adults (I'm 26)...
  7. T

    Brain Imaging (MRI) scans, under what conditions have they been done? Seeking Sources.

    Brain Imaging (MRI) scans, under what conditions have they been done? Seeking Sources. As a person who has some personal past experiences with the mental healthcare system, years after the fact, I have here one of a few questions I've been wondering about for quite some time. I'm wondering if...
  8. T

    Difference between bipolar and schizoaffective

    I was diagnosed for a decade with bipolar and have been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder for about 4 years. I know they're supposed to be similar, but what are the differences between the two diagnoses?
  9. cpuusage

    Psychiatric Diagnoses: Labels, Not Explanations

    Psychiatric Diagnoses: Labels, Not Explanations - Psychiatric Diagnoses: Labels, Not Explanations
  10. T

    Feel like venting

    First post on here after years of lurking, hello everyone! So today I'm feeling very frustrated and angry - again I live with my father whom is very unsupportive about my mental illnesses and is adamant in thinking that I make it all up to hurt him. We don't talk in person despite living...
  11. M

    Schizophrenia as a /mystical emergency

    Non-Medical Models: schizophrenia as a spiritual/mystical emergency full text 5. Non-Medical Models: schizophrenia as a spiritual/mystical emergency - Punishing the Patient
  12. ARKSatMidnight

    Don't know if I have BPD or not

    And yes, to begin with, I know that no one here can answer that for me. I just feel like writing a bit about it anyway. The first mental health professional I saw, a psychiatrist, diagnosed me as bipolar but wasn't entirely sure whether to diagnose me as having BPD. We didn't spend much time...
  13. F

    Schizophrenia and Aspergers syndrome

    Just joined this forum - I was hoping someone would be able to answer me a question. Can Asperger's syndrome be misdiagnosed as Schizophrenia? Thanks in advance, Favero.
  14. H

    A HUGE Thank you to all you guys

    So I posted on here last month some history of my mental health problems and some symptoms I had been experiencing. Without you guys support I wouldn't have had the kick up the arse I needed to seek proper psychiatric help. Today I received the diagnoses of being bipolar. I hope with the...
  15. S

    bpd and bipolar??

    I've been diagnosed with bipolar and also borderline personality disorder which confuses me a bit has anyone else got these diagnoses? X
  16. F

    The many faces of dementia(free online course)

    Free online course The Many Faces of Dementia Gain a unique insight into dementia through the stories, symptoms and science behind four less common diagnoses. https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/faces-of-dementia/1
  17. R

    getting the right diagnosis

    i have been diagnosed with so many diagnoses its ridiculous, i have always got my care through the public health system as i cannot afford a private pdoc and phs pdocs are not the best. I take fluoxetine and seroqouel and had my olanzapine stopped. They have been throwing around schizophrenia...
  18. F

    Have been asked to attend a maintaining adherence programme(MAP)

    I think it's something they ask most people at the depot clinic as the assumption is on depot= bipolar/schizoaffective/schizophrenia diagnosis and the programme is aimed at those groups of patients. There will be an initial assessment but judging from what I read I don't think I'll qualify...
  19. D

    Hello, Where should I post?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and a bit nervous. I've been reading a bit of the forum and I'm glad to have found this place as it's hard for me to talk to people. I'm just not sure which forums I fit into as my psychiatrists have given me different diagnoses over the years so now my GP just lists...
  20. C

    Anxiety diagnosis, what is it like the first time?

    Hi everyone :shrug: I've been dealing with very tiring anxiety for a super long time now. It seems to be getting worse and more intense with age. I'm sick of feeling controlled by it and I just want to be myself and be able to enjoy living my life without feeling insecure and consumed by anxiety...