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  1. F

    No voice hearers in Torbay, Devon

    The group was shut down by the MH trust. Pretty much indicative of Devon all over health wise.
  2. cpuusage

    Police threaten legal action over lack of mental health beds

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-37583441 "A chief constable has vowed to stop "unlawfully" holding people with a mental illness in police cells because the NHS has no beds for them. Shaun Sawyer, chief constable of Devon and Cornwall Police, wrote to Devon Partnership NHS Trust to...
  3. J

    A Little Better :-D.

    Hey everyone. Sorry i haven't posted. I have been mega busy. Everything is completely looking up now :-D. I have a new girlfriend and she's amazing. Finally have my own flat! Well not just mine but its my girlfriends too. Lol.. Might be working soon too. Had and interview and got offered...
  4. maxitab

    Recovery Devon

    I am a sometimes part of the Recovery Devon initiative, which has about a ten year history but which is now moving into a new phase. RD has just finalised a partnership between itself, Rethink and the Devon Partnership Trust, with major funding. There are some exciting new proposals including...
  5. D

    I'm new.

    Heyy. I've literally just signed up. I've managed to post two replies so far, but I don't know where to write to ask for advice etc. I found this site whilst googling for health forums to talk about problems with people. Like i said I don't know where to do this as one forum is 'chill out cafe'...
  6. M

    Devon Link.

    For anyone living in Devon there is an informative magazine called Devon Link with information about a great number of facilities. It is published by Devon County Council and Torbay Council. Information available at:- The Editor, Editorial Offices, Adult and community ServicesDirectorate...
  7. ralph1

    Getting to know you

    There now seems to be a small core of contributors to this forum, and i am wondering how you all feel about meeting up for small social event and to exchange thoughts,ideas and views and to get to know each other. Some seem to live in more distant parts of Devon and therefore some of us might...