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  1. C

    hello to all

    looking forward to being part of a community. Hope it develops into a long and productive journey
  2. F

    Understanding Drugs and Addiction

    About the course Understanding Drugs and Addiction, is also running in Chinese, starting 21 March 2016. To find out more and enrol, visit the course page. We are all touched by addiction – personally, within our circle of family and friends, and within our community. Addiction and its related...
  3. C

    third probation appointment DONE!!

    Hi all. So today I had my third probation app & it's going well. My probation worker is ace & the fact he's gay helps...not that I am! But the gays have more empathy I think. He's understanding of my panic attacks. Next step is he's gonna send someone to take me out for the day maybe once a...
  4. shaky

    What comes first for you? Psychosis, Hypomania or Depression

    Sometimes it is difficult to tell them apart, but as far as I can tell I usually get hypomanic and then psychosis develops from that. I can't remember being psychotic and depressed at the same time since 2010, but I could be wrong about that. How about you?
  5. U


    Born into life as it is now known (Present-Day). Schooling is there to bring us into the world. Afterwards, get a job and be content. However: One develops problems instead and is discontented in life. Nothing but ran around in circles by these obstacles. Result: Now nowhere... Looking like...
  6. E

    weak urge to pee

    i lifted heavy load 7 months back. did MRI TWICE of spine everyting was fine. however since then i donot get the urge to pee in the morning as i used to. and even though if i drink a lot of water during daytime the urge develops but does not transform in a very strong urge. i visited many DOCS...
  7. C

    Small Traumas Can Lead to Big Problems, Too

    Small Traumas Can Lead to Big Problems, Too Sometimes trauma work is not just about resolving major traumatic events in one’s life. Life is full of small traumas that most of us do not perceive as extremely distressing. When someone comes to therapy for posttraumatic stress, it is fair to...