1. Gajolene

    Detecting Hypervigilence.

    Found this helpfull article this evening and thought I would share it. Are You Being Authentic? 4 Ways Your Body Knows. | elephant journal
  2. V

    psychologist detecting personality

    Hi How good are psychologist at detecting personality when it is hidden? If the subject hides and does not discuss certain aspects that can be considered symptoms of complications. Also would a psychologists refer to a psych if the subject is not a danger? Will a psychologist report to the...
  3. D

    A question about obsession

    Hello all and thank you in advance. I'm pretty sure I used to? have OCD. When I was a kid, I had to do everything in 5's, 10's etc. Then, at around 23, I got bored of it and just sorta stopped. I'm pretty sure that it happened as soon as I started studying/following "The Law Of Attraction" in...