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  1. T

    Rocky road with ed - need advice on Orthorexia

    So I’m well into my recovery from anorexia and am fully weight restored (plus some which is okay). My anorexic behaviours began with the ironic and toxic “health kick” and really just spiralled from then on. I had a few health complications and my lymph system began to shut down, creating...
  2. L

    Nothing to live for.

    So today (mostly tonight) has been awful. I literally cannot find anything to live for. Yes I have family and somewhere to live and I know my thoughts are irrational but I have this overwhelming feeling of thinking both me and everyone else would be better off with me dead. I can't deal with my...
  3. M

    Help desperately needed with my wife's behaviour

    Hi All I desperately need advice about what to do about my wife. In the two years we've been married she has assaulted me which resulted in her being arrested, she's threatened to kill herself when I was 30 mins late home from work, she invited a virtual stranger into our home for sex while our...
  4. Fairy Lucretia

    i seriously wouldn't care

    i wouldn't care if i died on another thread i posted how i was passing blood and thought i had cancer ,i was relieved there would be a way out of this living nightmare i was scared about hospital but relived at the thought of dying i honestly cant see myself being around much longer ,all i want...
  5. suicideangel


    Hello Don't know if anyone remembers me but I'm back. Things have been a rollercoster since losing custody of my son. Everything with his dad and how little I see my son. I've been trying to get on with things. I still struggle with the self harm and overdose thoughts. I guess I feel...
  6. T

    I'm so sad, but I can't ask for help.

    I'm so sad. It's a deep rooted pain that has become a part of who I am. And that was not who I was. Why is it that we have to ask for help when we need it? Why do I have to go through all that emotional turmoil to ask. Every. Single. Time. Why is it that I see when others are struggling and...
  7. E

    Virtual (cyber) bullying....

    ...Is extremely difficult to prove, especially when the person is clever and uses their knowledge of MH services, procedures and terminology to their advantage. I suppose it makes them feel 'big' in some way to have driven someone who desperately needed help and support, off another MH site...
  8. dubblemonkey

    whats your desperately manic lovable favourite song?

    ...a delightful and very special piece of music! mine is Robyn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcNo07Xp8aQ what is yours?
  9. dubblemonkey

    hallo my many somewhat dearest freinds

    I try to suffer alone....! I desperately try to suffer alone....! I fail... please forgive me I am much better at understanding others than I am at mis-understanding myself
  10. pepecat

    Letter to a husband who killed himself 30 days ago.

    Found this today and thought it was worth a read. Posted in the Huffington Post In the End, There Is Only Room for Love | Poorna Bell My dear husband, It has been nearly 30 days since you held the spark of your life between your hands and pressed them shut. Since then, I have been trying...
  11. Hegesias

    Confessions of a Nihilist

    Hi folks I thought I'd introduce myself and tell my story. I'll try to keep it concise and just cover the relevant points. I had a good childhood I suppose and my parents both loved me and were supportive. But right from the beginning there were warning signs that all was not well upstairs...
  12. Jimny

    I need to share.

    I met with my ex last night, there is still so much hurt and anger there. We are both trying to get past that, I find it very difficult to leave things with animosity I always want to clear the air. So very hard seeing her again, the conversation is difficult as ever but then the guards come...
  13. I

    seeking a healing partner. anyone?

    I suffer from trichotillomania. And i am desperately seeking a healing partner. Anyone?
  14. R

    paranoia. So so lonely.

    Does anyone else suffer from crippling paranoia of being monitored and watched 24/7 by the government or by an unknown organisation who are out to bring you harm? Im in therapy and waiting for a psychiatric assessment but wondered if I was alone? It's left me with literally no friends and I...
  15. prairiechick

    Temptation to Binge

    So on Thursday I went to the Christmas party for the mood disorders group that I go to, and wouldn't you know it, I won the "pass the present" game, which was a Christmas CD and a $10 gift card to Tim Hortons. That gift card is sitting there on the coffee table calling out my name. $10 could...
  16. F

    need advice about paranoia

    Hi all...Just looking for a bit of advice,I've had anxiety & recurring depression pretty much forever,it can go from mild to severe...my problem is for the last two yrs or so (after a few bad incidents) I've been paranoid,it can be manageable most days but sometimes it eats me up esp.around...
  17. dubblemonkey

    there are few choices

    ..bipolar affects me physically ...I was always skinny and fit. lithium and Seroquel has expanded my body in ways that frustrate me and affect me. ...the doc said that everyone gets hungry on these pills. I am not hungry and I continue to expand. ...it's no secret that mood dis-order meds...
  18. A

    New Carer aboard!

    Hi All, Just thought to say 'hello' as new to this site, hopefully will be able to get some much appreciated support and guidance from you all. It looks like there is lots of good information and advice given so I think I am in the right place as desperately need it. I am a carer for a parent...
  19. Davey Blueeyes

    Decided to come back

    :unsure: Okay, i've been away for a while but the desperately sad news about Snips31 has brought me back and hope to make some friends and reaquaint with some old ones too. Except Snips :cry:
  20. M

    Feeling different from others as a child

    I always felt different as a kid--as though others were feeling and experiencing things I desperately wanted but couldn't. I felt I was on the outside and was very lonely. When my dad killed himself it became much worse. I felt such shame, as though I had caused it I never spoke about it, I kept...