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depressed madness anxiety

  1. D

    New to this ...so yh... hiya

    Hiya everyone hope ur all good... im 26 from Manchester.... i suffer from depression anger an anxiety. Sometimes voices but only when I let them talk 🙈. So yh never done this before. Don't no if its any good. Soon find out.
  2. D

    dereaisation and depersonalisation

    I can remember as far back as 14 and having what I now realise was depression (not moody teen syndrome) which came in waves. For some reason it never occurred to me these thoughts of wanting to harm myself or suicidal thoughts were anything out of the ordinary. Throughout my teens (around 16 -...
  3. P

    any sense? god this is hard work

    Hola…….. Only me. So where do I start and will it be a never ending story? I have been awake since 2am Sunday 8th May it’s now 20:43 Thursday 12 May. I can’t switch off. I try to sleep but my brain keeps going, round and round about everything and anything from the weather to clotted fucking...
  4. K

    I'M going mad

    i can't take this anymore one sec i'm happy next am angry then sad and depressed lonely to a point where i feel useless broken and i just want to lay down and die to happy hyper and horny this is driving me crazy on top of that i worry about every thing this happens none stop and i will be...