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depressed anxious

  1. R

    What to do?

    Hi everyone, I suffer from GAD, derealisation and probably also depression. Besides my high anxiety there is not a single moment where I feel good. I always feel uncomfortable mentally and physically. All this destroyed my life and I’m on a point where I barely can’t function and have no fixed...
  2. M

    i can't sleep at night

    for i month now i kept waking up early and early everyday and today i slept like one hour and woke up crying no reason ( this is first time it happened to me) at the day time i feel so tried and i can't focus properly, if anyone has dealt with this before please help thank you in advance ps i...
  3. O

    Depression, Anxiety, or OCD? help

    Hey guys, I'm new here and this is my first post. I'm a 21 year old guy who grew up in Canada and moved to Macedonia (where my parents are from) when i was 12. Been here in Macedonia ever since. When I moved here my parents had a lot of money and I was the new kid and girls liked me a lot. was...
  4. W

    Looking for people to be honest to, that will be less likely to judge me

    Looking for people to be honest to, that will be less likely to judge me Ok sorry in advance for the length of the post. I feel I cannot be honest with anyone about everything I feel and do, but I still want to listen to any advice people have or hear from other people maybe that have...
  5. C

    Help, I'm getting worse.

    My panic attacks are getting really worse. I feel them almost every hour. I think I'm getting depressed too because I am getting housebound. 😢
  6. M

    Your social anxiety is not real

    Hey Mario here, I know how it feels, ive been there. You hear a group of people laughing and you thinks is about you,you make eye contact and then immediately look away feeling embarrassed. Sometime your body shakes,you sweat ,and then you can feel how your voice is affected and change the way...
  7. A

    Anxiety levels high

    So, basically its January.. you may think what's so wrong with that.. well, in October I went through the toughest thing I've ever had to deal with. I have previously suffered with PTSD, anxiety and depression. Anxiety and depression have been a constant part in my life due to past experiences...
  8. S

    Help me.

    I really hate myself. Really really hate myself. I hate the way I look, I hate my personality I just hate absolutely everything about myself. I get worried that I'm not enough for my boyfriend and I'm always comparing myself to other girls that are pretty and its making me feel so depressed. Not...