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  1. V

    i feel like nothing please reply

    my moms being mean she’s the person i go to with all of this usually, i woke up kinda laye cause i couldn’t fall asleep until like 4 so i was tired and i got ready and i was actually gonna be in time but her carpool was more important but the thing is we always go at this time and it doesn’t...
  2. K

    I'm new here, not sure if I need help?

    hello, not sure if anyone may have the time to understand and give me a bit of advice? But I feel as if I have been suffering from something for a long time now and never realised, not sure if I should see my gp, my family dont really understand mental health. thank you for taking the time to read
  3. A


    19m/6'0/145 I've dealt with depression & anxiety since i was 12 and convinced myself i had a brain tumor. This obviously led to health anxiety, which contributed to depression thinking i was dying. I eventually came to the discovery of anxiety and how it could likely be causing all my symptoms...
  4. P


    I'm a 22 year old female living alone in south Florida. I was sexually assaulted two years ago and I haven't been the same since. I moved away, changed up my life's path, and I was actually doing better for a few months. I immediately regressed when I went back home for Christmas. That place...