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depressed alone

  1. C

    It never gets better?

    I went 17 days without hurting myself, which is the longest I've gone in months. I really hate myself, and hate myself for continuing to do this. The last time I hurt myself it got infected, which is why I think I was able to stop myself for so long. But yesterday I couldn't get out of bed. I...
  2. 1

    Dealing with a breakup alongside depression. How do I survive ?

    Hello all. I have just separated from my boyfriend and we have been together for quite a while. He split up with me due to my insecurities. During our relationship I let my anxiety get the better of me. I was very paranoid, and I found it hard to conceal my emotions. A lot of the time I felt...
  3. N

    I don't know what to do or what this means.

    Ok I need to get this off my chest. I feel like I've always been depressed. My earliest memory is in Queenswell primary school. I was always down but kept trying to be the class clown, the teachers hated me but I really liked this girl called saya. I remember feeling like she hated me out of...
  4. Allegro25

    Trying to figure out my problems...

    Hi, I just joined this forum today. First, because English is not my mother language, my expression might be wired or unclear, hope you guys don't mind. And my thing is I always feel useless even though I performed well on many things. I will say my self-esteem is pretty low. Sometimes, when...
  5. T

    Hello - Forum Newbie

    Hi all, new to the forum. I do have a diagnosis of BPD for the last 11 years. Although I'm inclined to agree with the diagnosis but that's another story. Did once have support, but discharged from CMHT 4 years back because I was well. I stayed well for some years until mental health declined...
  6. A

    depression , heartbroken after a year

    Hi, I write you here, because I think I need help, I met a traveller boy more than two years ago, I am also a traveler. the fact is that for two years we went through nice things and sometimes many times where my heart was broken,we struggle so much , because of the indecision that he had. he...
  7. M

    Does No One Care

    Idk how to start this so here it goes, When I was a kid I would always constantly move from place to place. I moved from Maui to Oahu to the Philippines to Vegas, etc . I’ve moved so much to the point where I’ve lost count (Not exaggerating). I would always ask my mom if we could stop moving a...
  8. P

    Hello, new guy here

    I never know what to write on these things, guess I should introduce myself. I am a 25 year old PhD researcher at the university of Huddersfield. I work out 3-5 times a week and I like to play video games when I have the time. I was diagnosed recently with bipolar affective disorder, so that...
  9. D


    Hello my name is (MrE) and I've been depressed all my life I'm married and have a decent life but I've allways wanted to die.... I feel things would work out better for everyone in my life if I just wasn't around to top it off I have OCD and ADHD and can't find a second to just relax and have...
  10. S

    Does Anybody Know What's Wrong With Me?

    So this is my first time on this forum, and I never normally resort to blogs at all but I've been so confused I don't know what to do. So I've always been a people's person, good with making new friends and not too bad at small talk and cracking a few jokes. Whilst always feeling close and...
  11. Brazenh

    I have problems talking

    Always been in control of my emotions now feel alone and depressed and can't open up to people now. Just seem to cover it up to keep others happy. Have just started seeing a therapist but it feels like it's forced I'd rather talk to people who are where I am or have been there.