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  1. S

    How to deal with PTSD from bullying

    I’ve been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, learning disability and other things. A few years ago I joined social media thinking it was safe. I became friends with the wrong people. I Told my friend I was gay. He ended our friendship. He told me I wasn’t normal and told his...
  2. B


    I I suffered from adhd Autism in depression and anxiety It's very hard dealing with all this. Is very hard to get a job.
  3. L

    New to this

    Hey everyone I've never been good at the whole introducing yourself, I'm a young female who is rather confused if I'm honest, it all started around 10years ago I fell into deep depression soon after my grandfather died when I was 14years old at the time I was going through a terrible time I...
  4. firoz


    im sad .i dont want eat antideprassion every day i cant hide my deprassion.today my teacher said im quite.i m going to injure myself for punishment