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  1. P

    Continuous thoughts about life

    Hi everyone, I’ve posted here a few times during my struggling with depersonalization, which is finally calming down for me now. But I have another uncomfortable feeling in the process of recovery and wondering if anyone experienced this too. I am feeling more connected to the world again but...
  2. SomepersonyouDK

    Do I have derealisation?

    I get these episodes where I can barely move or talk but when I can my speech is slurred and I don’t really understand what’s going on. I also sometimes feel as if people are acting or that im not real. That I too am acting. Faking a personality. Everything is fake and it’s all set up to get me...
  3. C


    So I've been feeling this way for a while, except I wasnt sure why or what it was called. It doesnt affect my daily life too much, but it just makes life seem boring, meaningless, and weird. I'd describe my symptoms as feeling disconnected from my body, like my thoughts are separate from my body...
  4. dreamstate

    help? im not really sure whats happening,

    I know this post is probably gonna be a bit everywhere so whoever takes the time to read this i really appreciate it... so idk where to start, ive been dealing with depression, anxiety, ocd, trichotillomania (diagnosed for five years now) and dealt with anorexia in the past, but something new...
  5. E

    I feel like giving up..

    Hi, I don’t know where to start this. It’s going really bad with me recently with my depressive thoughts. I would really apreciate some advice and tips. I’m a 20 year old male which suffers from a generalized anxiety disorder. I’ve never felt happy and good in my life, but everything went...
  6. P

    Anxiety depression derealisation help

    Hi everyone, I have been living in an alternate state for almost a year now and I really need some advice because I feel this is never going away. To start off, last year I moved back home to save. Big mistake because my family is very disfunctional at the best of times. Around this time my...
  7. C

    Hello :)

    Hi, not sure how long these introductions are meant to be so sorry if I've written too much, but I thought I'd just explain my current situation. I thought I'd sign up to some forums online to get some peoples first hand experiences on similar situations to what I've been going through for the...
  8. Q

    alien hand syndrome? depersonalisation? anxiety? bpd? what?

    hi everyone hum this is strange to explain ok so i have been diagnosed almost three years ago with BPD and PTSD. i am still being viewed regularly at the hospital, that’s alright. the things is, i get really bad dissociation/depersonalisation moments since, well, as long as i can remember. my...
  9. October

    My experience.

    I've been here once before and now I'm here again. I'll talk about the first time I ever experienced this, which was three years ago when I suffered withdrawals from my anti-depressant medication. It triggered off depersonalisation in me and I had it for roughly 3 months. During that time I...
  10. H

    Help!!! In desperate need of information

    Hello :), I am 18 years old and have left university, having only spent one term there, because I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety (around December time). I am taking 100mg of sertraline a day to help me cope, and needless to say, I seem to be a lot happier. However, one thing that...
  11. T

    Advice on reaching the right people

    Hello all, I've been suffering from cognitive symptoms for years that have rendered me totally unable to function and every doctor I talk to can't help. A old family acquaintance who works in social media recommended that I make a website to gain attention, so I did (theblankmind) but I have...
  12. D

    dereaisation and depersonalisation

    I can remember as far back as 14 and having what I now realise was depression (not moody teen syndrome) which came in waves. For some reason it never occurred to me these thoughts of wanting to harm myself or suicidal thoughts were anything out of the ordinary. Throughout my teens (around 16 -...
  13. F

    I was terrified when my mind detached from my body – this is depersonalisation

    I was terrified when my mind detached from my body – this is depersonalisation You’re staring straight ahead. Somehow your awareness peels away from you, in slow motion. It’s like you’ve cracked in two, and one half is facing the wrong way. Are you in your physical body, which you know must...
  14. F

    Depersonalisation disorder: the condition you’ve never heard of that affects millions

    Depersonalisation disorder: the condition you’ve never heard of that affects millions Jane Charlton was not herself when she woke one day in April 2002, but it was more terrifying than any ordinary morning grogginess – and it did not shift for the best part of three years. “It was a feeling of...
  15. E

    A question for people who suffer with DP/DR

    Hi, I've been suffering with DP/DR for a over 2 weeks now and at first I think it was just depersonalization and I think that that set off derealization and I just wanted to know if anyone who suffers with DP/DR overcame it? I see stories of people 'getting better' but I just want to know if my...
  16. M

    Irrational thinking of 'I am a ghost/dead'.

    Hi there. I just wanted some input as my GP has not got back to me yet and frankly I felt too embarrassed to tell her some things regarding what has been bothering me. For the past few months now I have been getting episodes of blurry/strange vision, light headedness and tingling sensations...
  17. GreenEmerald

    what causes depersonalisation (spacing out) and what cures it

    what causes depersonalisation (spacing out) and what cures it. The reason I ask is I suffer from it and don't know how to treat it.
  18. GreenEmerald

    have any of you experienced spacing out (depersonalisation) and how did you overcpme it

    have any of you experienced spacing out (depersonalisation) and how did you overcpme it I keep having recurring experiences of spacing out (depersonalisation). Defintion: Depersonalisation is sometimes described as feeling like youre observing yourself from outside your body (spacing out). Its...
  19. I

    Do I have DP/DR or do I need Doctor House to help me?

    Ok so Hi i'm Ian and for 13 years now I have had what one doctor described as Depersonalization, however over the years and especially the last few months I have wondered if that is a correct diagnosis or just the most probable one with very little time talking with me? Would love a chat about...
  20. A

    Bubbly depersonalisation :(

    Or is that derealisation.. idk lol wiki cant be trusted and their definitions suck.. Anyway I believe I now have the pleasure to undergo pretty powerful depersonalisation. .. basically I also have schizophrenia (im not one to complain, its just low murmurs and voices talking most of the time -...