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  1. A

    Olanzapine or Depakote

    I had to come off Quetiapine because it was affecting my heart. Its taken 8 weeks to get back to as it should be. My Psychiatrist today has given me a choice of trying Olanzapine or Depakote. I've read up about both but they both sound terrible. Can anyone give me any idea which is the least...
  2. Prairie Sky

    Why Depakote??

    Depakote Bipolar Disorder Therapy - Is It The Best Bipolar Medication for YOU? | Bipolar Lives 1. Okay... 2. Not male. 3. I am a WHALE. Gained 30lb so far. 4. Is a two-year depressive episode considered rapid cycling? 5. Never been manic in my life. I can think of a whole host of reasons why...
  3. M


    In 2015 i ended up in a Neuro ward with Depakote induced hyperammonia encephalopathy and had to have the drug withdrawn after 8 years of being on it for Complex PTSD. Can anyone give me some advice as to an alternative drug to treat CPTSD without any of the dangerous side effects as i am...
  4. E

    What are mood stabilizers like for you? (valproic acid, depakote)

    Hi! They (my doc and the staff at the center where I'm being treated currently) want to start me off on Depakote. I've always been diagnosed with Depression, but only very recently has the question of Hypomania raised. Beyond seeming to serve as a catalyst into a depressive episode, my alleged...
  5. E

    Hi from Elomen

    Retroactively diagnosed with Disthymia since around age 7. Officially diagnosed with Clinical Depression at 16, after around 3 years of symptoms. Depression runs in the family on my fathers side. Began treatment with different SSRI's, to which I was very reluctant due to my personal views and...
  6. A

    I never had anything to 'recover' from in the first place but due to my misdiagnosis i now do.

    I never had anything to 'recover' from in the first place but due to my misdiagnosis i now do. I was misdiagnosed with Bipolar Disorder aged fourteen in a local adolescent mental health unit in September/October 2005,i was sectioned and then given maximum dose Respirdone and later Depakote. (i...
  7. N

    Can Abilify and Depakote together worsen the symptoms of urinary Incontinence?

    Can Abilify and Depakote together worsen the symptoms of urinary Incontinence? I'm suffering in silence at the moment. Can Abilify and Depakote together worsen the symptoms of urinary Incontinence?
  8. K

    Tachycardia and medications, whats happening to me?

    I've been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and a number of mental health problems including a mood disorder. I'm taking Levothyroxine 75 mg, and when I first went on it I was fine, but now I'm having issues, but I haven't gotten any answers. I'm taking Depakote, 500 mg Gabapentin 800 mg Effexor...
  9. W

    New Dr. And looking for reccomendations

    Hello. Im a male in his mid 20's. I'ved been diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder with BiPolar. My last dr has prescribed me what seems like alot of different medications since i started seeing this outpatient service. Respridole didnt help, Abilify i attempted suicide shortly after starting...
  10. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Crossroads: Not sure what to do.

    Have been away a couple of days. Last time I was here I posted about my doctor ordering depot injections for me. I'm concerned about the medicine because on the mfg website they say it can affect your ability to make decisions for yourself and your judgement. Also in the client brochure it says...
  11. porkpie

    Now I know what a zombie feels like. Depakote!

    i have often wondered what people meant when they feel like a zombie. After being commenced on 500mg of Depakote daily, fuck I feel awful and so disconnected. When people are having conversations with me I can't think of a response. I don't have the motivation or patience to write anything...
  12. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Insomnia and somnolence

    Anyone experience alternating periods of insomnia and excessive sleep? Over the last few adjustments to my seroquel I have days of sleeping 18 hours or so then several days of not being able to sleep then back to sleeping excessively. Maybe its stress related maybe not. My pdocs say the sleep is...
  13. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Response to meds

    I am recently diagnosed with schitzoaffective disorder bipolar subtype. I have been taking seroquel(200mg) and depakote(1000mg) for about a week and a half now. I noticed a drastic decrease in visual hallucinations and lessened voices. Now my voices seem to have returned. Any advice ? How long...
  14. C

    Has medication ruined me?

    Hi! I've been pretty much a guinea pig for medications over the past 7 years since my diagnosis. Being stableish for 3 years on Priadel 600mg a day, it's been the best medication out of the whole list but I don't know if it will have long term effects on my health. Before I transferred onto...
  15. F

    hair loss

    I hope you can help. I'm on depakote and have telogen effluvium like I had on lamotrigine. I stopped lamotrigine after a few months and my hair was very thin. Have you kept taking it? I'm so stable and don't want to change but I don't want to be bald.
  16. J

    Judge julie

    l've been suffering depression since 91 after a traumatic event. Always took my meds and stayed on an even keel. Brought 4 kids up and gone through plenty of crap with my kids. Now been diagnosed with bipolar ll. (Dont know the difference). Said l did'nt want to take the Depakote as l was fine...
  17. S

    Does the medication song and dance ever end?

    Man, has this been frustrating. 750mg Depakote and 1250mg Seroquel. That is too much. No Depakote, drop the Seroquel, let's add in some Triletptal twice a day. Trileptal twice day is too much, OK, take it once before bed. I understand it is trial and error for each person to find the...
  18. S

    New here. Looking for some insight.

    My Wife tried to commit suicide August 21st. Thank God she did not succeed. Spent 6 days in the hospital, then 17 days in a Psych hospital. Was at the Psych hospital so long because the Doc wouldn't let her go until he saw positive results from the meds. She was diagnosed as bi-polar with...
  19. M

    depakote And Relapse

    I have been taking 1000mg of depakote for about 4 months now i think it is working well for me and my family have seen a change in me. I also take an antidepressant and a anti psychotic medication. I have problems with severe anxiety. Im just wondering if anyone who has taken the depakote has...
  20. R

    Meds vs none

    Hi all, I'm currently on a mixture of risperidone, lithium & atomoxetine for bp & adhd. Started originally on depakote & atomoxetine in 2012, fine on atomoxetine but depakote didn't have a noticeable effect other than weight gain, Changed to risperidone in October 13 and have been on the...